Monday, July 11, 2011

Crap-Shoot Day

Seeing rain coming, even by my calculations, I was up and out as early as I could go. I wanted to bale as much hay as I possible could before it got here. My shoes getting wet walking in the grasses meant I had to wait awhile. For a day’s opener I got the Cushman out, out of the way, for bringing out the Krapsman to mow a couple passes down the west side boundary fence for the hay-yard. Both the Cushman and Krapsman I had to fuel. Added oil to the yard tractor. Figured the scooter alright.
The fence line mowen, I go to start Ugly the throttle plate are froze and no moving. Bunk! it’s the Cushman to the rescue. I’ll drive it across the TWP to get to the mowing. Fine Two mile from home the Cushman engine starts laboring and slowing down. I pulled over off the road’s shoulder. The machine is out of oil. Ugh! Two farm houses later nobody home for borrowing oil, I’m on my cell phone. Three houses this time nobodies awake. EEOouuuu! It‘s on shanks mare I had better start hoofing it. Bummer! All the traffic what passed me none of us knew either one of us enough to offer me a lift nor hand. Half way home cell ringing Shane’s finally up and going to bring me a white can of oil. I found me a short fence post to sit on and waited.
By and by along he come with a one quart white plastic can of oil. Nuts! Take me home… Home I grab the funnel and the five gallon white oil can out of truck. The Cushman’s engine oiled it starts oil pressure’s good. I’m on my way. Nearing my destination I’m seeing a blue cloud of smoke following me. EiEiEi! I’ve messed up my engine but good? Destination parked. No fire! I go to bale hay. I hadn’t finished the first bale and I’m getting a warm Summer shower. End of Haying! Checking Cushman oil its low again. Not as bad as the first time. Still? While wiping oil off engine, looking for a serious leak I found none. I did see a loose hose. Now, where had that come from? It was the engine re-breather crankcase hose was off the carb intake. Ah ha! I put it back together with only my fencing pliers for a tool. Topped off the oil again. I was off. The motoring was good again. I mean it! As long as its raining I head for Doc’s. I can or can’t work in the rain. Already a wet arse Doc’s was on my way home. Need to get that out of the way anyway. Sheesh! What a time loosing stop that was. His present staff unable to get it together I cooled my heals in his office and cubicles for three hours. Crud! I got things to do rain or no rain.
Finally home late afternoon, I’m hungry. The ladies voicing are either on to something or raising Hell. I didn’t stand around long enough to figure out which, I came in and ate.
Whatever happens next happens!
A late afternoon’s lunch put away I was of to finish up the fences and change the ladies pasture opportunities. When I spoke earlier about their talk “they might be onto something“….that wasn’t it. Between “A” stupid bull calf and a deer them fences needed my checking them attention. And, that extra ed stupid bull calf it took me near an hour getting that ignorant critter back inside a fence where it belonged with his mother. Sheesh! Is a stupid trait common with all males of all creatures and varmints great and small? I undeniably wonder sometimes?
It’s 6:30PM and I’m in der house fairly well pooped and hungry. Perhaps I sit a spell and relax of some supper I’ll feel like taking the carburetor off the Ugly truck. Whether I’ll fee like fixing it then, will have to wait until I may see what and how bad the problem may be.
It’d sure as Hell be a boring life if I ever run out of something to do? However dealing with the variety of diversities I deal with everyday I’d not trade my position for any other. I’ve already put my years working the construction trades, went fishing for three lustrums also boatwrighting to augment our income at that same time, and eventually have gotten back to the farm from where I remembered my best informative real country years growing up.

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