Sunday, July 17, 2011

Now I know why…..

……women have wide hips for live support systems to carry laundry baskets and/or babies.
Just coming back up from working basement laundry one hand for the stair railing and not enough hip to help the other hand with the laundry basket, I now understand more the female’s classic anatomy! (grin)
Waited this morning for the Cable fixer’s return. S-posed to be here between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM. I wondered if he were out waiting me my mind’s input. Meanywhile, I’m bothered wanting my having to get out of here to do something even if it’s wrong.
Already checked brake fluid levels in Dumpy truck. The right front caliper isn’t in any hurry to self prime for me over night. May need a foot loose soul to doing me some peddling. Argh!
4020 JD loader tractor’s back. This a sign I should haul in close to home hay? Do need to check bring hay in off alfalfa fields for their second cutting recovery.
The Cable guy showed up within minutes after the scheduled time. He’d finished cutting and making new cable lead-ins inside the house. AND, when all had been said and done he replaced our cable box. We were even clued into how and where to look into free movies. The cable remote has once more become a late evening toy. (such fun)
About to give up on Dumpy bleeding its own front brakes on their own I checked the master cylinder, it was out of fluid. Darn! Darn double bubble darn! I closed bleeder, added more fluid to the master cylinder, then turn to think about lunch, while I hoped it’d re-bleed any might be air in the top line back up and out. Gosh, I’ve got to try truck out then to get a ride to bring Ford digger here and try hauling dirt.
Whew, it is one hot humid day. Cable man needed water intake as well as some poured over his head..
I don’t want nothing hot. Maybe a cold can pork’n’beans? If I can find one? …… I did, the very last tin I looked at!
Dumpy truck back down on all four‘s. Dumpy started right up, brakes and hoist worked. Checked out clutch linkage as best I could. Initial survey I found about half of Dumpy’s clutch linkage wasn’t even being used. I do believe there’s more than enough room for improvement.
But I need more truck elevated working room for oxidized part removals. Then take parts apart, cleaning, reconditioning them for adjustable use. Unusable or inadequate parts may be replaced or repaired or lengths usefully modified.
Lawd! The heat and humidity is to much for me today. Wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t feel so damned abandoned here. A simple ride for another machine I could be doing something moving around here. What I need is either shop or tractor time?????? HELP!
Frieda took pity upon me and had me take a walk to return Annette’s borrowed books. Check on Mike his shop was relatively cooler than outside so I pulled up a chair and watched making one/each piece at a time his building another race car. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again he’s an artist.
Coming home, planning for tomorrow The day as hot as it was called. Inside I stripped to my skivvies and settled in to watch women’s world championship soccer match. Watching them play Mom’d never let me date one these girls, everyone of them to fast for the likes of her country boy.

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