Friday, July 22, 2011


A brand new day, woke up in the pink, feeling refreshed ready to go again. Falling off to sleep late I got in one of my old fashioned sleeps constituting maybe five hours. Frieda was up and down all night. She’d said she had even set on the deck for awhile. Other than that she‘s good. She‘ll likely get in a nap or two today. An on going upset tummy she‘s found orange juice easiest on her stomach.
As for the rest of me, my upper back and shoulders continue to feel sun burned and itches like Hell. Frieda tells me I look alright. I‘ll just have to try and stay out of the sun and watch my heat absorption. My eyes itch and burn, and I haven’t internally drool over seeing an exceptionally pretty girl all week.
What to do today? Dumpy’s running good enough for staying close to home. Ugly needs some rather determined undetermined engine attention. Greeny’s engine to costly for a quick fix I should, get with it, rounding up major parts, liken another short conversional short block. Cushman really required for daily field excursions, the easiest repair challenge right now, me thinks its time to unload it, put in shop, take apart, and fix oil leak. Yeah!
Why, oh why, is there so much of the month left at the end of the money. Hmmm, if I were to trade in seven bushels returnable deposit bottles I might have enough change to buy the Cushman a new crankshaft seal. LOL at myself. (hehe) Seems all my wealth is tied up in empty deposit bottles. And gold is going for $1,600.00/ounce. I could sure use a working alchemy* formula rat now, on them empty bottles!
Took Cushman to shop. Luckliy had ride back home offer. It was an offer could not refuse. Fed the forgotten yearling heifers hay, and went back to shop for real unloading Cushman for dismantling.
When I had wrenched until I were hungry enough, had lunch.
On second return wrenching went well until I got to cast fan removal. Two trips over to the Crossroads for longer and still longer grade eight bolts was futile. I finally found (or realized) one of the fly wheel’s bolt holes stripped. Time for some steamy thinking. While the temperatures had tilted some it was still high humidity uncomfortable. A too brief a shower of little rainwater enough benefit, I was on the road again running into one of the Flint burb’s for a Helli-Coil thread repair kit.
An hour past rattlers feeding splendor time, I called it quits. I’ll make a steadier meck-an-neck come morning, be more on the ball drilling a hole and the heli-coil’s installation my being well rested.
Dumpy truck behaved beautifully for all my afternoon’s running. Drives like a winner. May even warrant a couple new inside/outside paired fender replacements. Hey, lets not get carried away!

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Paula said...

Good luck in your seeing a pretty girl fix next week but watch the frying pan in Frieda's hand.