Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Day

I’ll be thankful I run out of haying time today. One them day’s like yesterday’s is enough for me.
Bests part of yesterday, my seeing deer. And, presumably my fixing the R-M-C. I also had managed to make quite a collection of my own laundry to do. Then before near all else I need to grind grain today. Have a hay wagon wheel to change.
It’s nearing noon my sitting down two ways, my derriere and these few mid day words. Parking Leland (UK) tractor and Ugly out of the usual straight way looking as though this operator had gotten them mixed up, had two part’s stop asking if I’ve had a break down. One of them I sensed he thought he was smelling blood. Ah ha, disappointment buddy! I more or less had the machines crossed so’s to fuel the grinding tractor power source. One unit receiving fuel from its left side the other also delivering from the left side. Checked motor oil, tractor needed some. Every thing a go I took the Ugly with its tow out and around the drives so’s to put the grinder in position. My grind was done half hour before noon.
A couple things I didn’t write about this week, I dug up some more roadside Tiger Lilies. It has been three Springs past I had dug and planted some scattered along the length of the ditch out front. Only 2 weak blossoms last year, have got a bunch of healthier multy blooming plants favoring us with some color. So darned steep I’m not mowing my side the drain. The other sided may be eased down into from the road I can handle. What it boils down to I’ve been becoming more clumsy lately and in no mood to slip and fall under a push type hand mower. So There! And, I ain’t gonna swing no scythe. So, I’ve got to get them planted. A couple more buckets full I should have a fair stand growing in a couple more years.
Ohh! I’ve been fairly well warned them “Tiger Lily” flowers will take over an area… I surely hope so!!! They’d be better’an looking at than a ditch full disgusting weeds.
By golly, the owner’s manual (or one close enough to it) for the Krapsman lawn tractor I had borrowed I had finally gotten it copied at the post office; at the same time I bought more them “lifetime” postage stamps.
5:00PM as hot as it has gotten today this was tea time. It was also close enough to rattler time I downed them also. Other than doing what I had to do this very AM, I more’r’less took it easy this afternoon. Kind-a like one of them citified weekend warrior times for doing something around home. I a sat upon the Krapsman mowing the home yard and then pushed that poor Krapsman in mowing some ugly weeds and grasses to make it easier for me walking if I should need to fill the stock tank with livestock water. Trying to dig a couple holes on the inside sides of the ditch were liking to chip away at concrete. Hard to believe only a week/eight-days ago the tractors wheels were still squeezing water out of the soil. I managed a couple depressions I hope are deep enough for those flower bulbs to hopefully catch. I might better share a bucket of water with them the next few days. Yup, I had dug up two clumps, I planted two clumps as best I could.
I unloaded those two hay wagons I brought home loaded the other day. Gonna take ugly out there and re-air that same flat tire again and take it to the shop for spare replacement. One these days some those bales sitting around the countryside will find their ways home. Even if it involves hitch hiking to do it. Darn-it, I need to go yard shoppen for me a working bike. Yup, I’ll have to buy me one. That’s what I get for cutting up four bicycles to start that quadra-cycle project. Tea gone, I’m off and on again thinken sooner I get back sooner it’ll be supper time.
6:30M Had pork chop for supper, mixed vegetables included black beans, sweet corn, and some unidentified pink substance (watermelon?), but good. Wildlife sightings turkeys and rabbits today. They’d been wabbits had I a supply of boyhood wocks.

How’s about some pictures:
This picture was taken of last pussy eye filled blinded kitten I had brought into the house for about a week. Uncooperative in the house breaking acceptable manners Kat went back down to it's life saving barn.

Those hay bales aren’t as far away as they look, but they’re looking good where they are. More will join them shortly.

The sneaky temporary baler drive-line (PTO covering) using an underground sewer drain pipe. This’ll work until all the correct relpacement parts arrive.

The snap at the tiger lilies I been fussing about. I wish I could find some doubles I remember from my childhood, and some yellow ones I’ve seen where I’ve got to stop and negotiate a couple/three bulbs to start my own growing cluster.
The deepest beauty in these flowers are their ability to cover and squeeze all manner of weeds and grasses out of their environment. End result I needn’t weed nor whip the road side ditch.

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Paula said...

Bet your Tiger Lilies are going to look real pretty in a few years.