Sunday, July 31, 2011

Month’s end

It’s 3:00 AM and I’m wise awake sipping an iced tea. Gosh another month has nearly gone. Am important month in our country’s history when many men with vision dared to start a new country governed by it’s people, rather than a potentate, signing one of the greatest documents ever drafted.
I look at the present mess over in Lansing and down in Washington DC and marvel at how complicatedly dumb the whole political scene is. We need to return real politicians back into the house and senate seats who know what needs to be done and done by the people who know how to do it. Term limits in congress may well be the ruination of us all. A continual turnover of want-a-be’s who’ve no idea how to do what they were sent to congress to do until its time they be replaced.
I didn’t hurry out of the house this AM. I sat with Frieda and watched “Washington Slept Here staring Jack Benny and Ann Sheridan.” What a hoot.
Once I got on the 9:00 AM road I was again inspired seeing the bikini-ed lass jogging the same road. My not only seeing her in my mirrors she steamed. This time it was along a portion that road lined with mailboxes.
Sunday morning roads remarkably clear of traffic hauling hay was a absent traffic pleasure drive. Wasn’t until my second trip did some speed demons pass me as if the Devil his-self was after them and I had perhaps thoughtlessly gotten in their get-away way. Such a hurry I could only hope they got there safely?
A Sloppy Joe with Bread’n’Butter Pickles for lunch I was on the road again wondering from where this trip would start my leading a second parade? … As it worked ou I hauled four ten-bale loads home today. Had wanted to stop by the village market for me some ice-cream. Seeing the bumper to bumper traffic on the State Road. I didn’t think it prudent taking slow loaded hay wagon up and down that pike to market today. There’ll be no ice-cream again tonight. One more four bale load tomorrow will make it 104 6’x4’ bales off those satellite fields.
While I should have been done by 6:00 PM I took a break my last drive home. Putting rattlers down by time I’ve finished this day I’ll be ready for taking it all off before supper. Temps hit 103* summer time temps the likes I remember when I was a kid. I’ve no AC and reluctant stoop that low. How would I ever get anything locked up in an icebox. I’d be a ruination to my getting anything done. I guess I’ll just tough it out up to what I can take them move onto something else.
Ha!!! Weatherman says our official temp only hit in the low 90’s. He should have been where I was. I think I drank 2 gallon water today and still lost a couple pounds. Sit time over, I got to hit it again.
Back out and about the little ladies hay’s god until tomorrow. Two more stops I came up empty handed for Chevy washers. Back I unloaded truck and wagon. It’s after 7:00 PM and the evening’s my own. No ice-cream, it’s gonna be a-whole little bottle red pop all my very own before supper.
Jut a few moments please and Ill see what’s for supper. Oh crap! What’s the vino doing to me? Up extra early before I wished it I’m already feeling sleepy. I’d better…

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