Monday, August 1, 2011

Week End Synopsis

Hauled hay Sat & Sun. One more 1/2 load today; and, all the first cutting will be stowed in the hay-yards.
Of course, there had to be two unsolicited tests my patience:
1st; (Sat) one goofy arsed bull calf endowed with a double dose stupid outside the fence lacking smarts to be shown way inside all day long. The dairy proprietess insistent inside the wire the consumers thirst knowing at his insides, he finally got where he belonged thinking he had pulled off a fast one. I smiled and chuckled in-spit myself.
2nd; (Sun) barnyard gate left open most the weekend my coming and going this winter’s food stuffs 2 smart arsed lady opportunist's took advantage my trust yesterday's third load and walked out the gate. My parking rig to one side of the 2, stepping down with a clap of my hands they knew where they belonged. I had to laugh at them carrying their swinging luggage back inside their area in-spite of myself. Truthfully, I didn’t need these insidious entertainments. (LOL)
However, animals are so entertainingly funny! (grin)
First thing up this morning Frieda wanted (insisted) I to run into an out lying burb for something for her. Little good it did me to argue package benefit against transportation costs. OKAY! I gave in (gave up) and motored in on side roads most the way. Meeting city traffic I tightened up, paying ever so close attention to my driving. WHEW! I made it. As long as I was in town her stop out of the way, I made three more. Not a bad trip I managed the end result our bank balances were some dollars bettered. Every little bit helps. Went Wally World for ice-cream cookies, a couple pies, and milk. Unloading truck, opening the passenger door one them pies slid out unassisted doing a complete summersault, packaging slipping and landing face down. Quickly applying the old three second rule I wasn’t about to miss eating a crispy crusted $7.50 peach pie. How that pie come about is in what I like about WW’s square tub ice-cream packaging fitting our refrigerator freezer better. Now all we got to do is sweat out the wait the next couple days to see if the eagle sh!ts.
After lunch I fixed a fence. Almost mid afternoon weekday, maybe even the wrong day of the week, I sorrowfully missed seeing the bikinied jogger. Further on I gassed up Dumpy having gone 140 miles on the last 13 gal gas. Not bad mileage for an old hard worked ’79 1 ton Chevy. Last load hay hauled home I fed my yearling (little) girls down the road, came home and set in the shade with Frieda for awhile.
Thought I’d relax and go out later this evening and cut some bull thistle. Stuff is already started to blossom. Would like to cut it before it goes to seed. That stuff is a constant fight eliminating it. This farm was over run with that weed when we came here. Frieda worked so hard on cutting it, it brought her to tears a couple/three times. AND, I don’t care if it is different, people asking for thistle seed to feed their winter birds still drives me up the wall. Just the thought of it is horrible. If I don’t keep at it, I’ll loose headway. Right or wrong I’d rather deal with the wild hemp than the miserable thistle‘s.
An hour after supper I was lope-shearing bull-thistle. Bending to lope them weeds off was hard on my back. Didn’t take much of that cutting to give me a back ache.
Still needing those tappet cover washers I moseyed over to Mike’s race car building garage. Customers and damaged cars all over the place II kept a low profile until he had time for me. I was penny ante among a bunch of gear jamming peddle to the metal big spender oval tract rollers. By’n’by asked what I wanted? How’d he now? And, I had me two tappet cover hold down washers. I had me what was after’n’needed. When it rain’s Ugly’s got a coming opportunity to come out of shop running great. I was a day long happy camper.

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