Thursday, August 11, 2011


……Everythings going right’r’wrong I’m gonna charge the day just as if I’ve got it under control. 1s7 gonna check Dumpy’s brake fluid, (I stop the leak?). 2nd may be an “enee-meany-mine-e-mo,” which one will I drive today? La Cushman’r’Dumpy? The borrow pit to wet, the sky sunny’n’bright, which’ll it be? 3rd attack the retrenching the 2150 Ollie with all the determination I may know what I’m doing. 4th bale some, sadly abused, sorry looken alfalfa hay, can’t be let gone to waste.
My neck stiffening yesterday afternoon I’ve had evening-last’n’this-morning my nuke heated rice filled stocking wrapped about my neck. Got no idear what brought it on? Ah, wait a moment, there was that shapply miss jogging over the Butternut Creek Bridge at the same time I was driving the other way. Just shows’t’go a pretty site can be hazardous to a dirty old man’s health.
Lastnight’s supper was a tasty beef stew a neighbor had sent over. I ate mine ladled over whole wheat bread liking an open beef sammitch. Was very good. (burp)
Made by a pretty single miss. I might better be putting her name on a special list just in case…. (grin)
It happens every time:
To be sure the little Ford tractor had enough fuel to rake 19 acres hay I drew a can of gasoline from supply, found my funnel, and commenced to pour the gas into the funnel, the funnel then in turn was to filter the gas, The gas can nearing empty I sense something’s wrong and lifting the inverted gas can to up-right it. I was baptized with gasoline slopping over the side of a full funnel. They was clean bibs only hours before. There shouldn’t have been this spill, the funnel was supposed to handle the tractor filling. Nuts! I later found the dirt and water filtering screen in the funnel was glazed over in ax. Wax, where’d the wax come from? The diesel fuel I had poured into another machine the same funnel used last time?
Bottom line: Why is it every time I dress clean, it seem the elements are again me staying clean and fresh for no more than an hour most? It’s a conspiracy, I’m telling it as it is; OR, “It happens every time!”
Out the door I checked Dumpy’s brake fluid. Looked good. Got on Cushman for shop travel, removed intake, and wire (power) brushed block and parts. Near ready to go back together, I had visitors. One a coyote hunter looking for a ½ a beef, and a-wanton junk buyer. When we had finished our parabling’s I closed shop for lunch.
Shortly after lunch I started baling my hay. Finished the job along about 7:30 PM Had my supper along about 8:00. Had chicken Mc Nuggets for supper. Now, they’s something I wont go around the block. Don’t care if I never see another one again the rest of my days. Fancied up leftovers what them things are. Yuk!
PS: No news on Madeline today; only, she was slated for a pacemaker implant this afternoon. I’ll check on her progress tomorrow.

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