Saturday, August 6, 2011

A busy morning

Other than for a couple hrs, I slept in, I been on the go-go since my late awakening. Loaded up dumpy with emergency food stuffs I was off to find out how the little girl who’d had been air lifted to Ann Arbor day’4’yesterday. She’s responding to treatment and doing well. Been stabilized and semi conscious in a guarded condition. They installed a temporary pacemaker in one of her veins until they’ve figured out her required medications to protect her from any further physical discomforts. Please to excuse me for my writing in general terms. Here’s no way I can keep up with all the technical medical terms. Any way with some Shorthorn country meats a few canned goods, some grains, pasta'n'mater-sauce, bread and milk the family’s larder is looking good for the next few days. Repayment involved a cup of coffee to call it quits. Please to continue remembering this 10 yr old miss, her family, their trying time.
Also been to the elevator hauling in supplement protein tubs for the livestock, even to distributing three lots some.
Lunch was leftover lasagna sweet corn and muffins.
AND! It’s raining all over me cut hay. Nuts!
A minor plow adjustment, and borrowing Shane’s hands for a few minutes we dropped the plow. Then drove the 2150 into the shop. When it’s cooled over night I’ll start taking it apart tomorrow for a set of new manifold gaskets. How thrilling….
Little else done during this afternoon’s rain I raced through the kitchen and it’s sink full of dirty dishes, madly dashing down the dungeon steps and wrestled with the laundry. Worst part of the clash of titans as for a dark Knight’s accomplishment, it wont come to light now until morning. Darn it! I should have done something about them dishes.

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Paula said...

So glad the little miss is holding her own. My best to her and her family.