Sunday, August 7, 2011


It rained during the night, and it were enough to fill the farmyard creek. It sprinkled scarcely enough rain over the noon hours to make anything other than my downed hay wetter. Then not to be underdone it rained gobs’n’bunches of buckets full along a bout mid-afternoon. The shops sky lights leaking as much rain into the shop as what was falling out side. I’ve got to do something about them one these days. We had inches ever since I had cut my hay with a supposedly open window to let it dry and be balled. It’s now looking like if I can get any kind of a break I may have still save it turned into haylage before it sours.
Weather outside weathering the shop has been my refuge. The 2150 Ollie isn’t coming apart easy but it is coming apart. His taking it apart must be finished today for parts ordering tomorrow morning for a hopeful Tuesday 10:00 AM delivery.
Update on neighbor’s niece: She was giving her nurses a hard time today. She wants to get up and raring to go….. Was sedated to quiet her down. She hasn’t had a heart attack the last couple(?) days. Kids: they just don’t understand having to be quiet (still, relaxed, in a healing mode), what do we do with them?
I eventually managed to take the exhaust manifold off the 2150 engine. And, it is shot. Was 6:30 PM and I wasn’t feeling like wrenching anymore today.
The Cushman tailpipe repaired it needed put back on my favorite buggy. Also needed to check ladies and fences.
Stopped by Handy’s place and extended my apologies at long last loss her son. I made sure she had my telephone numbers. I’d call for her needs when I went store. She could call me if she needed something and I’d fit it in. She’s 86yrs grandson 14yrs they got a full plate full. She’s on oxygen 24/7, he’s a bit irresponsible. He and I have already had our run ins. Could be a few more in our futures.
The rain has it along with thunder and lightening plus the lights have flickered three times. That’s alright, I’m not gonna last much longer. Meanwhile….
I’ve made promises and my butt is on the line. I’ve got to finish taking manifold apart. Grind grain. Must find time to fix more of Dumpy’s brake system. I think it may need a master cylinder replacement.
Had baloney sammitch with a three bean salad. Eyes growing heaving, hair itching, I’m nearing ready for bed.

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