Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Eagle’s Sit

Yup, the Eagle had sh!t. We’ve been better and worse off financially. I’d dislike the alternative to our close pocketed financial situation, should I have got back to work off the farm. I have to admit I’m not as sharp, dexterous, limber, swift, nor as well balanced as I once was. Sheesh! I see plenty of aerial work around. What nobody wants to get up in the air anymore? My only problem with it is not the slipping and falling, it’d be the inevitable sudden landing at the bottom. I’ve had more than my share of falls and in my younger days I was resilient enough to survive them. I’m not to sure anymore?
I’m not looking forward to hitting the road this morning. A couple (instant) medical appointments made for my frau yesterday for today and Friday has left me no time to find us alternate drivers. Nuts! Today’s drive is my more worrisome, right through the very near heart of Flint. Friday’s drive I can make it all the way on country road and a couple lesser trafficked suburbia streets.
Son of a gun! I forgot to write about a weird on the yesterday’s road encounter. There I was minding my own business driving north on Vassar Rd. to make a passing look at a sudex planting up hat way. Well this road has had so many chuck-holes/pot-holes patched, filled, and those in turn patched again and every patching the materials use set and curing so many different shades of gray mess. So, there I was quietly motoring along when from out of nowhere, including the blue, there was this giant sized ginny-hen (speckled gray) out in the road, right down there in front of me. I walked the brakes. Gestured an open hand in surprise. Another heavy 4x4 meeting me in the oncoming lane waved at me as if I had waved at them. My mind somewhere else, seeing no feathers flying feeling no unusual lumps/bumps, both us survivors, the ginny-hen her life, me my peace of mind.
Our trip into the SW side Flint went without incident. Braven the traffic I drove us across straight east through town to make another stop on my our way home. Traffic was lighter than it was in the burbs the last couple days. I guess something not to unexpected my eyes seeing boarded up building after building of a dying city beside these city streets I drove us on. Motive for cross town drive, I had tried to have a small oxygen bottle filled and merely ran into more red tape. What the Hell. Nobody’s got the guts to do anything out of the ordinary for someone needing a wee bit of help anymore. Wimps!
I might all add but one railroad crossing were gizzard shakers our motoring the city. I’m telling it like it is.
Finally caught up with Shane and got his vision’s assistance to wrestle Ugly’s valve train adjustments to the new specifications.
Halle-lu-lu-iah! Ugly trucks running and ready to go on the go…. Solution was what my mechanic’s mechanic had told me what to do. He’d instructed me to back off all my engine’s rocker arms leaving only four threads showing on each stud. What about the rocker arms and pushrods looseness? He’d said just do them like I told you and call them good. Well, I did as I was told, started the engine, and it ran better than it had even when I had bought’n’brought it home three years ago. By golly, even an old phart like me learnt something new today. This new edgeimicationing’s gonna come in handy when I get to the Greeny truck’s engine change over. Is my new smartness showen???
Fore something else to do today I tried make fix the PTO stop on the Tall Ollie to no avail. Even resorting to looking at the big book Of Ollie adjustments book of instructions I didn’t accomplish a thing. Maybe a job for the shop and the blue tipped wrench for starts. At least before the Tall Ollie’s laid up for the Winter. All for now. New day tomorrow may see me cutting hay?
Last moment journal addition. Goes something like this. The Ugly truck home, I’d decided to take the left over parts back to Mike (who’d given them to me). Mike’s my race car builder neighbor. So it was on my arrival his place his shop was filled up with damaged crunched up race cars. Seems there had been a colossal pile up out at the local race track and all these cars were being brought to him for repairs. What a mess. Now I hadn’t planned on hanging around, but the conversation between all these owners/drivers I pulled up a chair and set a spell, there talk more colorfully entertaining than what was on tonight’s TV line up. I had to laugh at all the goings on’s in-spite of myself. It was good clean American humor at its realest best. (chuckles & grins a plenty) then come he before I were murdered.

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