Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This wet weather, if it don‘t end pretty soon I could very well prove Darwin‘s theory and turn into The Creature From The Black Lagoon. I think the Black Lagoon is in Florida? Would that make an alien in my home state of Michigan?
This waking up at the oddest hours of the night brings some me craziest thoughts. The only reasoning I may logically think of is when I’ve wakened out of a dead quiet sleep my hands are unoccupied. Hmm, I haven’t always been this way. It might have started coming about the time I started outgrowing my primeval swollen neck neck days my reproductive prime of life. Well, as long as I’m not a salmon trying to swim up stream to try spawning I might just as well go back to bed and see if some more innocent sleep will take over my mind and customarily empty it of all my imagined troubles for at least another hour.
Just had an interesting thought. If I were to shower with my clothes on I could wash my clothing at the same time before going out; and, my going out straight out of the shower will save me getting wet in the rain. Yup, with the proper approaches to my life’s style I might just gain me enough time to develop some really weird thoughts….er….ideas.
A special note::
Oh Crap:
The little ten year old girl, Madaline her name, has had another heart attack, the seventh within the last week. Having had another along about 10:00>11:00 this AM in the presence her parents and two doctors. She was paddled back immediately. She remains in ICU. Their trying to medicate her, her future, her temporary in the vein pacemaker had been turned off when this happened. There was talk she was slated for a heart defibrillator later today.
The family continues to remain in turmoil.
Home for lunch, bale wrapper and on the go again.
8^)^(*&%876&$%964*! Dumpy truck’s brakes are driving me nuts. Is like getting to be brakes one day’n’not der next. There’s got to be a leak somewhere I can’t either see nor find. What with all the rain and saturated and full water puddles splashing waters all up and under chassis how am ever going to find the decisive leaking wet spot. (mumble, mumble, growl, growl!)
Remembered Yearling Heifers needed hay. Took care of them and found a mess. A portion of the fence was broken and half that mob was AWOL. I could do little by myself if I did find the escapees so I tended fence. So much for all of Bro’s trusted new help recent months. The fences were a mess. Anytime anything had broken or had become misaligned nothing was said. Instead that party merely used his imagination in whatever manner he chose to hang a broken wire, a loose wire, or gate handle. Repaired or spliced wires were deplorably fixed. A lot of good his chosen helpers were If I’ve got to constantly follow them around redoing or even doing what should have been correctly taken care of in the first place.
I found one broken insulator that was the cause of all the fence trouble to begin with and exchanged it for a new one. I sliced two broken wires, unwound two direct entanglements, replaced a missing gate handle, and made sure all the connections were correct. This only took a couple hours.
Fence fixed, I moved my ladies to the pasture closest to the lot missing the five heifers. Cattle social animals the bigger mob would likely draw the smaller bunch into them and I’d have them.
Meanwhile, while I waited for the wayward younger set to show up I attached the dumpy truck to the haylage wrapper. The drive was without incident my parking the wrapper in front of the shop for servicing and hopefully a simple modification. Seeing as it was getting late, to late to start something else I headed for home. Was there long enough to tidy up a couple odds‘n’ends. Then I hit the road going back to the scene of the wholesale escape to see what I could see. The Cushman and I covered the hollow property, the immediate neighbor east and the place between that piece and my place. Back and forth I went a couple times foliage so thick along the edges of the wood lots and ravines I didn’t see a thing. Was coaxed in to see a neighbor I had talked with for some time. Had a pop with him while catching up some. Exchanged phone numbers. Myself getting a cal the wayward beeves were spotted west of where I had been looking. It didn’t take me long to grab…pick up…talk a neighbor lady into going with me for the round up. Arriving on the scene I could see Bro’ was out numbered by these females crafty ways. I turned around and headed East to drive one the fields suffering a crop loss. I was going to do my best to out flank them. Surprise they made a wrong turn and I was about to get in their way and show them the correct way home.
This picture they guys on the left had been chased across three properties and brought to the fence they belonged in. From here on for awhile Bro’ and I took turns heading the bone heads off a number of times. All we had to do is get their cooperation to reenter their place through the gateway I had only open minutes before this shot.
Al long last five folks on foot, two ATV’s surrounding them we sat and worried the crits through that gat way. This was all our finishes for a kept busy day.
Home two hours late I took my rattlers, took to waiting out my hour, and took to writing this account my day’s activities. When I’ve finished my 8:00 PM supper, I’ll be going to bed.

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