Friday, August 19, 2011

Finish What

Now here’s title to wonder about. But its what I started out with. What commutation will ever develop as I write on will be anybody’s guess.
Frieda’s telling me of her recent communications with Doc’s office, techs coming to the house, a call from one of her medical equipment suppliers. On top all this, there’s some monkey going to look at her last night’s breath/oxygen level monitor machine to determine if she still continues to require her breathing machine/cpap, oxygen machine, emergency oxygen bottle, and/or further equipment. All this unsettling problabben is making me very nervous. And then while the official results aren’t in yet one of the the medical equipment supplier has called informing Frieda about all the miscellaneous equipment additions and updates she entitled to. I’m shaking my head. Plus about ready to go into battle over this whole indecisive mess.
With Sneak beside me we turned right out drive to check access to a satellite field crop’s next cutting. From there we motored on to shop and finished Tall Ollie’s front tire repair. The Tall Ollie standing on all four feet we came back here to make continued repairs on rotary conditioner replacing three more blades after finishing last nights sudex hay cut. 1:00 PM machines fixed to go, we broke for lunch.
A second right turn out of the driveway Sneak driving we head for the varied city lights what had been turned on yet in our sun’s daylight.
(1) A farmers market first for all their blueberries and some current fresh veggies, (2) gasoline stop next, (3) ahh quick stop for me another seven months supply of tobacco, (4) then on for Sneak’s driver’s license addy change, and (5) lastly this lap a save-rite every apricot can they had. Back on the road again we back-road it around the next village (6) for a TSC stop for cat food, (7) a stop at the bank two doors away, and (8) then on to Wally World for its convenience. Friedan needed a mattress pad for Sneak’s bed, plus some other listed odds and ends more reasonably priced there than where I’ll be shopping next week. We covered eight stops in exactly three hours. Got to be a record but then this wasn’t a gathering trip either.
Home in time for rattlers, and afternoon tea, we were soon on our way to cut another sudex field (a healthier appearing crop.
OMG, What a absolutely gorgeous standing crop of sudex for the most part the field averaged a foot over the Schultz Oliver tractor’s hood, some areas even higher than the tractor’s cab. The stand also so dense the customary rotary conditioners speed had to be slowen to the Ollie’s 3 ½ mph to 5 ½ mph speeds. Total cutting time including the 2 mi drive each way I had cut that 7 acre field in 2 hours. Starting some late in the afternoon working into evening I had leaning just a bit into supper time. So, now I’m expecting I’ll be continually busy the next three/four days baling, hauling, and wrapping two fields crops. So including Frieda’s health issues, all in all considering all we got done, in addition to the ground we covered it has been a fine day.

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