Thursday, August 4, 2011

Change of activity venue

Going to pick up Shane I see a yearling heifer out. I knew how she got out but she wasn’t about to go back in the same way her three wire electric enclosure had a bite what bit her on her way out. Unable to walk her in on her terms I had to motor home for the Cushman. She gave all three of us, Kay Lee having joined in the fray, a run for it. I must have brought her near enough the gate three/four times before she got the jist of the location and ran in. Then I fixed fence. All's well what ends well. She sure ate up a lot of our morning’s time.
Hay fields wet, to wet for an early dried off dew even if we’d had one, waiting for yesterday’s most recent rains to dry off Shane and I got onto prepping the Ford loader backhoe. We checked its fluids, fueled it, and brought it home (my house). As it was nearing noon, lunch time, and the grasses drying in good shape; I’d be seen mowing alfalfa hay a bit later this very afternoon. “Bon-Voyage-E.”
Including travel time I mowed 20 acres alfalfa hay in a couple minutes over 2’n’1/2 hours. The tractor’s hydraulics still continue to slow down as the work day wears on. The engine’s new 1” shorter alternator/fan belt may have helped some but I’m not wholly convinced. However the alternator’s diffidently working better, the amp-meter gauge needle’s wiggling.
After slowly sipping a couple large ice tea’s Shane was after me to haul dirt. He’d said he’d be busy tomorrow, he could only help me today. So, we took both Ford loader-hoe and Dumpy truck out back and loaded truck. The first load was a skimpy couple yards. The next four loads the truck was loaded to the top of its sides with a couple exaggerated yards. Dumpy handled load well around this place each trip. However, to go out on the road the tail gate will be an absolute must. It’s unlawful to dribble an insecure load in Michigan.

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