Thursday, August 25, 2011

So much…..

…..month left at the end of the money? And I’m required to purchase a new part for the dumpy truck. Argh! If this is the worst of it, fine.
In another vane, Frieda’s received by mail an appointment to see another physician about something? Either her heart or lungs week after next. So much to look forward to.
I don’t know how other Michigan people are making it? Frieda and I now with Sneak’s company are holding our own. Although, I’d like to take a more avid interest and active part in junking to bring in a few extra bucks we could surely use, If I were to accumulate a load of scrap within our own borders I haven’t the fuel to deliver it to a junk yard for what ever price it may bring.
Juan picking me up this AM I was delighted to go along saving me some fuel to travel work on. Picked up a few items along the way his welcomed ride.
This afternoon sure the part replacement was of no use on the Dumpy truck a new one’s ordered for morning. Nuts, I’ve got to drag out the charge card. How will I ever even out our dept to zero?
This afternoons fun involved chancing using the 4010 JD and it’s engine’s runaway tendencies. That was if we could get it started. Cussed tractor needs a couple new batteries. Suffering a distributor pump ailment I see no point in wasting money on batteries this late into a winding down summer season. My knowing of these problems I’ll keep a close check upon that engine’s character! Needed the JD for slipping though some tight quarters to bring a spring toothed drag out into the light of working the earth for a fall planting, winter rye. We also used the JD for moving the drag up the road. The drag, the disc, the 180-4 white all in my yard it’d be here we’d put it all together here. To either make things work or go together it took some imaginative trickery to fit the hitches, to put together the hydraulic hoses. A fresh can of WD40 spray was a very essential part in washing out female hose remotes and common ends. The whole process accomplished late afternoon, convoying the whole machinery parade, we’ll start it off come 8:30 > 9:00 AM tomorrow. This our day…..

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