Sunday, August 21, 2011

They ain’t enough of me

To start with we all had a good sleep last night. Winders and doors open I covered up with a blanket a second night. Dialogue misinterpreted between household party’s I finally had my Wheaties to get myself on the go. Once outside the first thing I wanted was a sample of the sudex that wasn’t baled yesterday. With scissors cut up ten milligrams worth sudex into 2” lengths on a paper plate. It took 4 2.3 minute nukes to dry the sample out determining the moisture content 70% after yesterdays/all-last-0night’s continuous 1½” rains. Okay easy goes it, I’m thinking. Yeah sure….Here come Keith with a new wrinkle out of ground feed. I’ve got hay to bale. He keeps the feed needs secret. All’s not lost for I had emergency supplements down in the barn. He’d also promised he’d be back to give me a hand. I never saw him again all day.
Baling plan all but changed its start had been postponed for an hour or so. 1st thing out the drive to go for empty feed wagon. Getting back moving Sneak’s stuff out of barn, then backing out the grind machinery. The Cushman was pressed into service bringing the supplements up from the barn. The grind went alright including delivery. Planned baling start was started an hour later. Rolling up the sudex the Tall Ollie was smoking right p until I heard a very load “kur-chunk” sound coming from deep under the Tall Ollie with all loss of any forward motion. )*&(&^$)%, the Tall Ollie had just thrown it’s bicycle chain. Nuts. Not else to do I celled Sneak, “Bring truck. Must go to shop for a part and tools!” On the ball he was on scene before I had walked out to road. As it worked out we’d made a second shop trip for tire irons. Only an hour till sundown unable to replace the chain coupler we called it a day an hour before sundown.
Looks like it’ll be a tractor change tomorrow morning. Nuts! Oh well, we do what we got-a do.
Supper was good and we finished off a mixed berry pir for dessert. Supper eaten, this written I was ready for bed.

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