Friday, August 5, 2011

things to do

I'm late, I'm late,
got no time to wait,
Hello, Good bye,
I got to take Herr Clink by
the Walli-Straussa and Lippincotte
fer a man's factory squeezen's.
I gotta do this fer my mate.
To see to it she’s alright.
Getting back I went to hauling dirt over the road. Loading was easy, with about a couple hundred pound oops over weight. More about that in a moment. Taking off from here Dumpy was running well until I hit the ____Creek bottom. I was clear down into the granny gear before I made it over the far side‘s summit. Backing into position for Dumpy to dump. Dumpy couldn’t do it. I had to shovel off a couple hundred pounds dirt from the front of the load. Then returning home dumpy started running kind-a erratic. Splaining it to Frieda she suggested maybe the gas I had gotten on the way home was bad. Ducky, just freaking ducky, just what I want to do, make another mechanical fix. Well, I’ll try a shot of alcohol this next trip. If that don’t do it. Its out come the sparkplugs for an inspection/cleaning. Why me?
Feels hot and humid today. I haven’t exerted that much energy and feel like I’m swimming against the current in my clothing, a simple single drafty shirt and plain bib’s.
I moved three loads dirt down road. Second load Dumpy ran like a top. That one cup alcohol in the gas tank did the trick.
3:00 PM Bro’ came alive ready to set the world on fire. 2150 set up with six bottom JD plow isn’t going to word as a on land plow. I knew that, but then what do I know. He’s two plows if one them been fixed both are on land plows. But! What do I know. So the afternoon was wasted and the 2150 is in need a set of manifold gaskets. Be Tuesday before any early arrival useful engine parts.
I don’t know why he’s ALWAYS got to start anything/everything he does from behind??? So! Tomorrow I have to change plows and possibly take a Hercules engine apart. Wonderful, just freaking wonderful.
A new neighbor his closest neighbors giving him nothing but a hard time over his wanting to raise ponies was visited by the EPA today. This he needed like a hole in the head. His family has got trouble. With in the last 36>48 hours his 10yr old niece has had five heart attacks. Her father (alone) had a Hell of a time keeping her alive between lost 911 calls and giving his daughter artificial respiration. Medics took her to nearest hospital in Saginaw. Saginaw hospital unable to handle this child’s problem the 10 year old was air evacuated to Ann Arbor University medical school Hospital.
The family gathering around, flying in, motoring in this neighbor’s going to have to feed half this 40 some family arrival. That’s a lot of food. My first task come morning is raiding our pantry and delivering several boxes food I can gather around here.
Oh, please take a moment or two and think positive for this child. Last I heard when she’s stabilized she’ll have surgery for an installed pacemaker. “Come on baby. Hang in there. For you are loved!”
I had some fun today. Looked to the wife's health. Heard some sorrowful news. Have put up with an eccentric once more. Hauled dirt. Liken a fat cat I’ve eatened Lasagna for supper.

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Paula said...

My prayers go up for this child you speak of.