Monday, August 8, 2011


I wrote about rain last night. This evening I’m writing about the mud those rains have livened up. Coming in the lower drive I liked to have stuck the Dumpy truck fast in the lower driveway. Rocking the poor mechanical beast I did manage to rock it out by the gray hairs of my chinny-chin chin.
Goofy Dumpy trucks brakes have gone south again unable to make up their minds if they’re going to work or not. Today’s activities included failing to make a direct hook up to the empty ground feed wagon. Had to employ a bolstered JD 4010 to negotiate the mud to retrieve the wagon out to where I could finally back the Dumpy truck to it. When I got here with wagon I had to skirt my well stirred mud hole.
It was after lunch before I spotted the processed feed, and then I merely parked Dumpy near but not to close to the shop. Then with a bucket full of tools started stripping several parts I’m thinking I’ll need to fix Dumpy. Barely getting the parts off before My personal energy had run down was so much a blessing. Looked around, listening to Bro’s ladies talking either to or about me, I fed them, burying the big skid-steer while I was at it. Luckily Chip was out and about and once again jump start the JD 4010 he pulled me out of the mire I had found myself in delivering a bale of hay.
My mind and body really worn down I hit the road. Picked up a root beer in passing home I moseyed over to Otisville for our medication refills and milk. On the way home Dumpy’s brakes were once more erratic as the Devil. Pulling in here Dumpy sailed clean through the farmyard, immediate barnyard, rolling almost completely past a couple feet short rolling through the barnyards dividing gate. It’s been a thrill a minute around here today in our Shorthorn country’s Disney land.
I’d taken my pills and sat a spell. Next trick find a way to hook hay wrapper onto dumpy and take down the road to the other end without any mishaps. Come Tuesday I’ve got to do something with the hay I cut over a week ago before it is lost. Ah yes, the thrills of easy going laid back farming.
Hopefully when the wrappers parked by using the JD 4010 I may get back at a better Dumpy’s brakes fix.
Oh yeah my trying to remember what else it was I needed to do it’s get the trash out and check my laundry. I know one thing sure!, I’m be tired enough to sleep soundly tonight.
Yeah and whooppee, there’s talk more thunder showers and rains again tonight and tomorrow.
One more picture some of the Shorthorn country driveways washouts both ends this road.
Note my keys about center the picture for a sizing reference. This wash out is well over a foot deep. These holes raise all kinds of Hell with tractors, trucks, wagons, and machines driven and/or rolling through them.
My head nodding, whether I like it or not….

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