Friday, August 12, 2011


Some what I dude today. One thing I had to d was change the ladies pasture. That took some fixing.
It had happened A deer had originally gone thru the fence and did it ever! Along portion of wire was dragged cross-country by an opportunist bovine like kind of critter. 1st a quick trip with Dumpy as I was also going to hall dirt. Making a round about the field I saw some electric fence wire missing. Nuts! So 2nd step assess the damage and mentally list tools and supplies for repairs. Looking back towards the house’n’barnyard, lazy butted ladies were way off in another barnyard corner just a lazily complaining. Good! They weren’t coming my way. I turned out of the cow lane and loaded Dumpy while I was out there. 3rd returning to the farmyard I parked Dumpy for a loaded Cushman drive. The ladies? Still not paying any attention! So I was off and running the lane. The deer had done their numbers my having to replace a many an insulator on three legs this pasture‘s fence. Finding some wire I sorted it out of the grasses and restrung it. I had also brought out and used another wire I can’t remember from where it had came from. Two pieces taken care of I used a piece of still spooled new wire to fill the last gap and finish the fence.
4th was my need to go call the ladies out. Yeah sure. The goofy creatures were going to stand their ground untrusting me, I called and called, “Come boss!” repeatedly until one finally gave in started heading my way. A moment later another followed the first. Then when they had gotten to the lane’s gate they stopped un-budging. They weren’t going to be fooled for the knew this lane led out to the Duck Lake and they had already eaten all that off.
What the….? I hollered, I called, I finally stepped behind Cushman’s wheel and drove out the lane hollering as I went to get them to come along. I swear I heard a lot of negative grumbling. Some had it in their minds I was just taking them for a walk. When I got there parking to one side, the last of the herd still strung out were voicing their concerns, they weren’t looking forward to being fooled. By’n’by when near all of them had passed me at least one lady her tone changed actually thanked me for the new grasses change.
Parking Cushman close for later use if required took Dumpy for a drive depositing its first of three loads in a washed out drive down the road. I got caught by Bro’ which drives me nuts. I don’t mind hanging around the shop so long as I’ve got something to do, but, If nothing to do I get anxious, irritable, feeling useless, unaccomplished, and or all of the above. I hung around for a little while and talked my way out of there. From here I move a loader tractor down to the hayfield for the hay’s’ moving; and, I walked back home. Approaching my drive Frieda’s sprawled out all over the ground, under the maple tree’s shade. I asked what are you doing, as if I hadn’t already guessed. She was going to seat herself in the yard swing the swing’s frame collapsing about/around her. 350# there was no way I could help her to her feet by myself. We needed help. Yeah sure? Shane hadn’t gotten home from work yet as didn’t Mike also. No idea as to where Juan was. Terry had gone to a funeral dinner. Bro’ would’ve been no help. Chip’s completely out of the question as many hernia operation as he’s had. So, Telling Frieda not to be going anywhere I took Cushman for a drive. The guy across the street fortunate enough to be picking up some odd jobs hasn’t been getting home until after 8:00 PM lately. I knocked on a Steve’s door. No answer I figured him gone also. As I was ready to go out he’d come. I told him of Frieda’s plight and his answer, “Let me put my shoes on.” I don’t know what we’d had done without him?
Frieda in the house, I gave up the idea I was going to load and haul in one load hay. Frieda perhaps needing me I shortened my day returning to shop to push away the welder Bro’d been using out on the apron. Taking a short break I looked up Chip to see if I could have him drive Dumpy for me tomorrow while I loaded it and it‘s tow.
Now, I’ve plenty to do over the weekend. Reassemble 2150 Ollie. A couple loads hay to haul, I need to change the rotary-conditioner’s standard shoes for the tall ones for a sudex harvest. Looks like I had also better be hitching the mower-conditioner to the 4010 JD for two more alfalfa fields last cutting.
And, on the lighter side, the last time I turned into the drive, here stood a nice sized hen turkey. I would not mind having her in for dinner. (gobble, gobble)
Ooh yeah, she’s been an asset to the community. She’s been eating the tomato worms off garden Terry’s plants. (surprise, surprise) Every once in awhile the animal kingdom offers up another surprise.
PS: Oops, I forgot to check on Marlene today. I shall try to do better tomorrow. Oh, one more thing, The gentleman who’d help me pick Frieda up…his wife is having a golf ball sized kidney stone surgically removed this coming Thursday. So think of her also.

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Paula said...

Hope Frieda wasn't hurt, maybe her pride? Is she was here in Texas it would be a good thing she was in the shade. My prayers for Marlene too.