Friday, August 26, 2011

When frogs wear red shoes…….

…..I’ll have caught up some my internet reading “When Frogs Wear Red Shoes.” (Smiles)
Last nights repair efforts on Dumpy good for naught, I had picked up my newly ordered master brake cylinder. The part installed, a couple jerks on the bleeders, the brakes were fixed.
This afternoon Sneak and I took to replacing the Tall Ollie’s bicycle chain. What a job? We removed the Perkins engine’s motor mount bolts. Rigged a 2x4 pry with a come-a-long and failed to gain the clearance required to put chain master links in the meeting links. Short on gained clearance I stooped to plan “B” inserting a body jack between the council pedestal and the engine block and pumped away. Just as my cell phone bargain to carry on, we had at that instant achieved the chain’s required assembly clearance. Bro’ had broke down plowing a distanced field from here and on one leg was worried about the ½ mile trek to the front of the property and his pickup truck. Called away for an errand of mercy. Our arrival on the scene we found he’d made half the distance between beginning to end. Oh well, never mind what I was thinking involving gasoline expenditure and lost time. Getting back home, took a tea break and was in time to listen to her physical therapist’s assessment Frieda’s conditions. He to suggested she needs around the clock portable oxygen. Anyway he recorded his findings. Now w continue to a-wait the traveling nurses findings; AND, the keeping Frieda’s appointment with a special heart specialists findings and recommendations.
My squeaking enough has finally gotten my Frieda some serious attention. Not yet knowing which way the wind may finally blow Perhaps we’ll eventually have an answer we may live with.

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Paula said...

Pray Frieda gets the oxygen she needs.