Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Completes & Got-to’s

Have got four hay fields yet to harvest. Have two in sudex plantings to harvest, This meaning changing shoes over on 1345 rotary-conditioner for the taller 8" cut. Also have two alfalfa fields to go needing to get out and service the old 1400 mower-conditioner on the questionably running 4010 JD for the standard short cut. The modified bale wrapper's near ready to go. Today the 2150 Ollie's near ready to work earth for a later than usual planed two fields fall planting something. If to late for alfalfa, maybe a cover winter rye crop.
I consider myself lucky to enjoy a late evening (brown cow) soda let alone swill away an o'thirty hour. Oh and my lawn is a near foot tallen again.
My days are no more near long enough. (sigh)
Darn! Just poured breakfast milk. Need to run into Otisville for waiting script meds and same time milk at druggist’s.
It was going to be an easy day!
On the liter side:
We’ve a number of cats what include two notables.
1st There’s Della, she was brought to us via young lady moving into a pet free apartment thus unable to take her alone. This feline neutered and de-clawed always kept inside we adopted her thinking she make a useful addition to the household. So it was a while back, Frieda witnessed a mouse cutting across the kitchen floor ducking into a weakened spot under the sink. Della seeing the mouse immediately jumped upon a chair in the kitchen out of fear of the mouse. So much for a helpful family addition.
2nd, Seems a forever Sweetheart (a black & white) was born to us in this very house. She was a good kitty learning everything her mother had to teach her. She’s a mouser personified. Spring rolled along and she wanted out and was gone joining the mob down in the barn. When Fall come around she come back in the house for the Winter. She busied herself clearing and keeping this happy home free of vermin.
It had come to pass Bro’s experienced a serious rodent mouse infestation. They had nearly completely taken over his home. I called upon Sweetheart to help him out. Delivering her to his abode for his needed protection she was very put out, although that very night Bro’ had reported all manner of sounds coming from all over his house, squeaks, squeals, and screams. While she remained mad at my Brother and myself she went about what she did best, catching meese. While some meese were wily with in a month she had his house rodent free. And she had finally loosened up and had finally taken to eating from a dish he had provided for her. Spring coming around again Bro’s was about to turn her out. I intervened and brought her back home. For days she let me know full well her displeasure in me and my farming her out into another’s home not her own. It took some weeks, perhaps even months, for her to forgive me. To further exercise her displeasure with what I had innocently done to her while she’s returned to sharing her love for me, she’s since has come in, taken a quick look around a split from this house. Even the severest weather hasn’t had her wanting to come inside again. At least not for any kind of a stay be it for a daytime snooze nor an all night blizzard’s sheltering.
My Day:
One trip into Otisville had turned into three, plus my taking Her Mostess out for lunch. All said and done Frieda’s leaving Doc’s office she’d finished up with about a dozen more’r’less new scripts.
Having already ridden into Clio with Juan, threatening the shop with a morning presence, dropping the boss by the house, receiving cell call from Shane, and we we’re back to putting some sound quality shop time. Between us we finished both the Haylage Wrapper and 2150 Ollie. The wrapper was driven out back liking a man guiding an oxen cart to the far end Bro’s hay-yard. The 2150 started, no leaks, and sounding good was hooked up to a plow and parked.
The entire shop area cleared save fore putting some wrenches away Shane and I were repeatedly on the road again. We’d brought the Schultz Oliver in it’s rotary-conditioner’s shoe changes. Secondly we brought the tall Ollie in for a front tire fix one of its 8 ply tubeless steering tires in need of an inner tube to go on working. I’m short on looking forward to either job. Lastly we moved the 2150’s setup to make way for attaching the 4010 JD to the old 1400 Hesston mower conditioner. Didn’t turn out to such a bad day after all. Managed to finish a couple jobs making then ready to rock’n’roll. Now two more fixed tomorrow I’ll have four machines ready on the line.
One more tall glass milk and it’ll be hit the sack time.

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