Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3AM going on 4AM

Back tracking what’s either coming off or going on with my eyes? When I a-woke yesterday morning I was seeing waves (wave after wave) lazy like fluids from this side of my eyes washing over my vision, floaties? In this morning’s darkness I had wakened to an itching in my eyes. I’m wanting to know what’s happening? …. Me thinks I need to dig out some old eye drops?
I bought no tobacco products day before yesterday determined to quit again (I just keep on quitting). I bought me a small package water-melon flavored Twizzlers candy. Wow, kind-a neat. I could become addicted to these.
Much later. Oh how much later! Up for a dark of the night hour, laying back down, I slept almost three hours later than my usual. Nuts! Now when I’ve waited out my hour, had a bite to eat, I’ll be an even hour later out of here. “Crap!”
Oh, and my eyes, they’re watering for whatever reason likely unimaginable. (chuckle) Isn’t life absolutely wonderful! Bottom line, at my age, “I’ve gotten to see another day.” (smile)
Oops, Frieda had likely been up earlier. Seeing me laying back down she did so as well rather than see me cheat myself out sleep and she laid back down. Myself up I spied her sleeping even later in. I left her alone.
Okay, I’m admittedly slow. I’ve had all night for my sweaty's words she’d spoken evening last to sink in. Doc had told my Frieda, she’s “suffering congestive heart failure.” This had got me first wondering why she still can’t have mobile oxygen if it helps her. I don’t know who wrote this rule and/or law, an insurance consortium and/or capital hill’s congress? It seems Doc could loose his license if he should prescribe such a personal mobile oxygen apparatus because her body‘s oxygen content is to high or not low enough.
This prescribing problem has repeatedly come up in my case also. I was repeatedly denied a second pain drug during any month the first one failed to work. Here we had gone way back then, and its here again, Doc’s license is jeopardized for writing more than on pain medication a month. Again it’s the law. Why? Doc is also backed up by the pharmacist that most if not all pain medication may only work for an/at-most individual’s for only a few days. That don’t mater where any patent’s need is concerned. The law is the law!
Now I’m seeking second opinion information. I’d called hospice and waited for a return call. Meanwhile trying to use the internet a simple answer to the same question became more and more complicated the more I looked for a likewise simple question. NUTS!
Noon rolling around as the Sun on high indicated, I got hungry wanting to go home and feed my face. Meantime while I had tried to accomplish something I merely exercised a heavy jack unsuccessfully trying to break down a front tractor tire. I looked at the mower put a piece of cardboard under for crawling around on while changing the shoes when I get to them. And still have to come up with an inner-tube. I see my morning’s efforts a near total bust. (peeved)
I guess the morning wasn’t totally wasted. I made some phone calls. Called hospice only to wait for a call back. When the call did come I asked about our rights, Frieda’s specifically. Then called Doc’s office going right over his head straight to talk to his wife who’s his primary manager. (grin) She’s seeing to it Frieda not only see’s a breathing specialist but also a cardiologist. AND, not the same cardiologist who’d miss treated me who’s near prescribed my total mind and body demise three years ago. My not trusting him I haven’t been back the last three years. I can die well enough on my own without some quack helping me out!
So this’s where we stood at 1:00 PM. And, time I go back to woik!?!?
Expected day’s help never showed up. I fought the mower’s shoes change over all the way thru from beginning to the end. It was good my arms weren’t any shorter.
One thing leading to another the knives were a mess, most of them merely requiring turning over. Sneaky Pete having finally shown up I quit working on the machine along about 6:00 to welcome him to his new home, our house. This early quitting leaves six more knives to go. I had sharpened one, replaced three, and turned six over of the first ten knives leaving those done out of the way.
All in all it hasn’t been a bad day for a slow starter. Tire’s off Tall Ollie, rotary conditioner change over and repairs going nicely, and best of all Sneaky Pete (Fillip), youngest son has finally arrived. Poor young man has his work cut out for him. Clearing out, clearing up, a room in this house for his own. Gosh, and now that he’s here I can surely use his extra hands around here. Gonna be more fun fitting all this together over the next going to be interesting weeks.

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Paula said...

Isn't health care for us oldsters just a joy to behold? Glad you son is there and you two will enjoy each other's company.