Thursday, August 18, 2011

No Time Line Given

Couple days ago Frieda come home with congestive heart failure news. Kind-a takes the joy out of all the best’s given this news her expected health's continued down turn and looming life's end thrown in.
Damn it! Sometimes life just smarts! Do we really want to know the expected. Maybe this is (if truth be known) my unexplained weeping. I feel as if I may only hope I be wrong. I haven’t yet finished getting even her vamping me, an innocent.
Finished the rotary-conditioner repairs. Took Tall Ollie flat tractor flat tire apart. Found it had a good inner tube in it. Patched tube, and breaking for lunch took Schultz Ollie and mower to the field.
After lunch Sneak sent me on my mowing way while he took up KP. I mowed until machine had picked up one good sized rock. Darn rock bouncing around amongst the turtles it took out about seven blades. A run to the shop for tools and parts, and while we motored for home made a quick stop where I paid for the rocker panels and ordered cab corners and a cab support. As long as we were stopping a few more yards up the road I stopped us at Loopy Acres. Had ice water while we learned her boys had this day been taken to college. (That house ‘ill be to quiet for awhile!) Once home took my rattlers. It was that late. Got right on to making fix the one missin’ and six badly bent blades. An hour’n’half later I was back a-field finishing the mowing somewhere about 7: 30 PM.
Arriving back home, Sneak had prepared one fine meal. Home cookin’s best!

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Paula said...

Great you and Frieda have someone to cook and KP for you.