Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Country song

Some impotent love song observations: Her likes; Man With a Slow Hand, Love a Rainy Night. My likes: Telephone Lineman, Behind Closed Doors, Never Count Your Winnings at the table. Our likes; Never Promised You a Rose Garden, A Kiss For Luck (Karen Carpenter).
Ever listen and adopt a song that sort-s touches yer heart or hits home. Because it touches your heart you can see your loved one’s images in your mind no mater when’r’where you’re coming’r’going. Because it hits so close to home it sticks in your mind forever. Ya never knowen when your gonna be trying’r’groping for the words or humming it?
An important day’ta’day observation: A positive maybe, we’ll get our SSI checks tomorrow.
Weather guessers predicting thunder storms after 2:00 PM. Promices, promices! We’ve ha a few sprinkles over the noo hour and again my rattler hour.
Michigan auto dealers complaining they can’t get enough Volts. They’re sold out before they’re even dealer delivered. One of our family’s thoughts on this matter! Bro’, Herr Clink, and I meself often remanded to medical appointments clear over to the SW side Flint, distanced 35 miles away. Okay, one them electric cars would get us there. But, how’d we get back? On top a motor vehicle rolling deck retriever? The engineers ain’t got it right yet. This broadcasted TV news the dealers short sighted dilemmas inspires me to get back at my Quadra-cycle. Show them a real economy vehicle. The machine’s steering linkage has been riding around a top Ugly’s dashboard all summer ever since all my going’s wrongs six’r’seven months ago. A limp look ahead Perhaps I may finish it enough my project it may be seen in the whole before it’s dressed in a finished machines vibrant color’s. I’ve already decided I want it a bright magenta-ed yeller’r’orange. All depends on how well the orange would show up under night’s traffic lights.
Catching up a moment: I got the season’s only bird Sunday from a disgruntled motorist. Okay I pulled it all out on a primary county road. This could have been dangerously bar stool deprived individual was better’an 1/8 mile around a bit of a curve away. Was I supposed to wait for his highass or take my reasonable turn’s use a place on that road. I think so. It was near to a half mile, no other traffic coming’r’going, before he caught up and passed me, his left hand lifted high outside his drivers window displaying his well recognized international social distress signal. From where do basic farm commodities come from? Only the grocery store without the man (a serious steward) so often lonesomely tending his land. That’d be the day. Meanwhile, I wish I could treat this rolling jerk a place at the end of one my parade’s. I had moved it over twice in a closed intersection to let the following participants all day. Like I had written I had only continued hauling as long as the back roads traffic was light, my even avoiding the (ice-cream wanted) busier State Road.
Tried working on Ugly. Trying to start it same-o, same-o, popping, cracking, back-firing through the carb. That’s not good. Called a mechanic’s mechanic. He suggested my backing my wrenches up and start my fixing with another approach all over again. If it works I write it out in detail if and ever when. Unable to see what I was doing, three phone calls for some help, help assured, I never saw him. Meanwhile I filled oil bottles out of bulk. Restocked Ugly’s stowed supplies, and added emergency supplies to Dumpy’s on the go storage. Then I moved me on out to Bro’s hay-yard and picked up and stuffed plastic bale coverings into recycled supplement sacks. Next I went to mixing and partially delivered the salts to the ladies. Sheesh what a beastly mob. While I was pouring the mixed salts into the salt feeders I got any number of full body massages. Cheese’n’crackers, body’d think they had never had any before or they’d better hurry before they’re cheated out-a some today.
Thankfully my hitting my wall came later today wiping me out at about 4:30 PM. Doing all my tasks sitting down most the afternoon each of my three jobs I didn’t overly expend any unnecessary energy. As lazily as I could approach my chores had me lasting an hour‘n‘a-half longer today.
Now that I’m home I don’t care if I don’t get anything else done. It’d be all the better if I’m just plainly left alone.
Having to do some motoring about over the noon hour Doc’s office celled me. They had two new medical appointments for Frieda tomorrow and Friday. So early are they, I’ll be kicking the rooster off his perch come morning.

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Love those country songs!