Sunday, August 28, 2011


….it was my clipping a mailbox. On a road with skimpy shoulders, no place to pull over only stopping would have either tied up or stopped traffic, my rolling over the narrow blacktop pavement. I mean what does a fellow do with a 4-180 White with 2 pcs implement’s 11/12’ width by 50'some in length equipment in tow. I just kept on going cataloging the fix-it to take care of later in the day.
Tractor, disc, and drag on site we attempted to make some adjustments. Yeah sure! With what? Drag hardware and wrenches last used still missing. We did manage to drop and bolt disc wings, took it found we needed Hi-Lo jack. Whelp had to take the 2150 Ollie back to shop for plow repairs anyway. It was time sure to go and initiate plan “B”.
On the road again reversing the road’s covered to head for home, approaching the mailbox fatality site the body of evidence was gone. Okay, I’ll let its owner put it back up. He likely leave hanging out there near over the road again anyway. Oh well; it could continue to be an on going to close to the road project for its owner putting it back up time and again.
Next stop, lunch and continued on going to shop for jack and more hardware. On arrival we approached the Tall Ollie expecting to step aboard, start it and move it out of the way. It’s needed tomorrow for spreading lime. Yeah sure! It no start. Three of us spent most our times fighting, tinkering, scrutinizing, wire testing, and even replacing the tractor’s ignition switch. Was even suggested 4010 JD use with half loads. All said and done Tall’s starter going to the re-builder come morning, And, so much for plan “B.” Looks like we’ll immediately go into plan “C” come daylight tomorrow morning. Then I’ll go back to disking and dragging plowed ground for the day‘s opener……
Good Gosh Mad Madeline update:
Stopped this evening while trying to sooth my personal disappointment to finally find out how the girl’s doing. Was told she went home a week-ago last Thursday. She’s quite subdued after her ordeal. Remains to be seen how she’ll fare over her recovery these next few months. Myself, I think it a good idea she slows down and works slowly back up to find her new limits. What am I saying? Who’s ever accomplished slowing a 10 yr old child down?
Fillip’s cooken making mackerel patties, baked tators, and fresh sliced garden mators. I’m already drooling.
As for how I had spent my day, I was feeling a bit disappointed in getting less done than I had expected of myself. While I had wasted no time, what had been done will most likely reflect on tomorrow’s accomplishments.
Tired, to tired to pop, I was ready for sleep when supper’s eaten. And, supper was excellently delicious. But then I am easy to please.

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Paula said...

Oh wow wish I had my own personal cook.