Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sudex’s in

Spent the entire day hauling and wrapping Sudex haulage. Dumpy truck acting up nearing end the afternoon it took some extra cautious driving bringing in the last two loads.
Tea time, rattler time, a couple moments chilling out, then it’s wanting to get my lazy backside back outside to fix Dumpy truck. Now we got a four day clear weather to make more hay. Mower needs resetting down, and other priorities to manage getting the way of also get some land plowed for fall planting. The three of me just ain’t enough, me, myself, and I.
After supper, after Mike got home, Sneak and I buggied over to borrow a 15MM wrench. Getting back to the Dumpy truck neither Sneak or I nor both of us together could we move (loosen) one nut off on a conjoined braking part. This assembly previously freed of the last 4x4 I had driven until the cab had fallen apart, we made a 2nd trip over to mike’s for use his impact wrench. Vroooom! It took the stubborn nuts off. We had free parts and back into the mechanican business. Back at the Michigan Shorthorn country ranch it was only minutes and we had the master cylinder all back together again and filled with fluid. 3rd and final motoring back to Mike’s we were returning his wrench. There we were treated to well earned beer, for both in haying and Dumpy fixing. With a friend like Mike how can neighbors ever go wrong. It’s been quite a day and via an impromptu beer relaxed, all of a sudden I’m ready for sleep.


Paula said...

Nite nite

Fernan said...

I've missed you girl....