Saturday, August 13, 2011

She’s fired up

Frieda took a nasty tumble yesterday afternoon. I had to enlist a neighbor to help us up. That fall must have jarred something. This morning she’s domestically busy righting the kitchen and cooken. (grin) deep red kidney beans soaked over night she’s making Yankee chili adding tomatoes, Shorthorn hamburger, and spices to simmer to delight our palates.
1st things 1st, went out back to ride fences. Getting back forgot to close the gate.
Pulling out onto the road I drove around the block. So much to do everybody I was thinking of looking up for some help had made some earlier splits.
As it was the up coming week’s county fair week, while I was cruising I stopped in on the fair grounds to check out all this year’s potential fair queen candidates. Mmm wow.
Grandson Jake had called few days ago suggesting he had a surprise for us this weekend… He did, He talked his parents into coming up for a local mud run. Unable to find it they came here, which they had planned to do anyway. Good seeing and feeding them what ate for a change. Sitting around running our chops one the guests called out, “Cows out.” I went and looked. No tracks, but closed gate on principle just the same before some the ladies come up to join the party.
While they were here my remembering I wanted to air an ailing tire on the Tall Ollie I tried. Air tank was near empty. At least got the tire off the sidewalls.
After this gang left I didn’t do much. Getting so late a new start I saw no use in trying to so something this late in the day without flubbing it up. So, I called it a day for additional R’n’R.
Supper was more Yankee chili (with beans). Was very satisfying. Then it was my brown cow dessert. Well fed, belly full, I was as lazy as a fat cat looking for my Mistress’s cushy pillow for to sleep on.

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Paula said...

Glad Frieda wasn't hurt and to the point to be able to cook. Wow! Glad to you enjoyed some company.