Monday, August 29, 2011

All Day Motoring

As this title implies I motored all day. The 4-180 White twice, the Cushman a countless number of times, and the 951 Ford tractor.
1st getting the Cushman out of the way it was thoroughly involved in shuttling Sneak and/or myself hauling, tools, oils, fluids, jack, diesel and gasoline fuels.
2nd-ly I used the White 4-180 in some heavy action leveling the seed bed. Not once but also an early evening touch up 2nd time.
3rd-ly the Ford was going to be used for cultipacking (setting the seed) the hay seed planting. So while I had to drop the summer hay rake off its back we moved a 2nd hay-rake as well presumably parking them for the winter. And, while the Ford was on the move, we used it to park three hay wagons out of the way in my hay yard. Then we hooked it up to the Brillion seeder cultipacker to take it over the road to the distanced satellite new hayfield. This our last official farm act we checked in on Denny’s grocery store principally for oatmeal bread (none found) and ice-cream for her ladyship. Milk higher than gasoline at the supermarket a stop by the drug store we saved at least a couple bucks on a couple gallons milk. Arrival home about 7:30 PM. It had been a full day of tractors entertainment's times.

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