Saturday, August 27, 2011

I’m so Impotent…..

….around here I’m call upon to either do this’n’that. Today I was a radiator water boy and a broken fan belt mechanneck. I not only had to travel I had to carry my own tools and mix (cut) the antifreeze I had to leave a couple wrenches behind. This was almost my entire morning. I got home at quarter to lunch.
Afternoon saw son and myself finishing up the Tall Ollie. Yesterday I had rit we pushed the engine ahead with a body jack a whole 1/8”. Well today We pushed that same engine back that 1st traveled 1/8” with a compact jack. Dropped in the bolts and tightened them of course. I swear it took longer to pick up and put away all the tools we had either found useless or had actually worked as we wanted them to. Then there was the blocking for the third jack’s lifting. So we’d three jacks employed for installing one bicycle chain and its opening a cotter pin to stay put.
While we tidied up I had asked Sneak to clean the tractor’s battery posts. He also found some bolts either missing or loose. His going over these details we’ll find out if they did us any good tomorrow when once and for all we move that MIA tractor back out of the shop where it belongs earning its keep.
For more excitement we picked up one them round patio tables what used to have a umbrella sailing over it. The kegs we’ll save for scrap. The table top will make a swell lid for covering a tipped on it’s side hay bale peeled for small lot feeding.

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