Thursday, July 14, 2011

7-13-2011 Rubber necked Exercise

Machines? I must have needed a beak. I likely had no more than an acre of hay left to bale and the baler threw a belt. My hay making day was done. And, the exercise? I (the exercising) was thankfully done also, at least for shortening one long evening.
Driving that Oliver tractor (a pleasure) at same time watching the baler (a neck continual busy menacing chore) it is no wonder I‘m worn out. It all goes something like this; although, the order of the operated maneuvers may change. Well now, making a hay bale starts out with a series of conjoined maneuvers; the steering of the tractor at a slowen speed, watching the slowen baler’s travel nicely pick-up the windrowed hay for a clean new bale’s start. This requires looking ahead continually steering the tractor to either keep the tractor over the windrow most of the time or wig-waging the combined units for a narrow windrow’s picked up start. Once a new bale is started a body musk keep an eye upon the baler’s motion progress, like the bale’s evenly rolled contents keeping the bale square to properly stand upright in storage until needed as feed. The baler must be monitored also to see to it the bale is rolled neither to big nor to small for proper transport sized, hauling ease, and winter storage, Thus is required a continual looking ahead for the Oliver’s steering and the balers loading, tying, and unloading. If my head was any less fastened to my shoulders it’d mot be a wonder if it hadn’t fallen off. Meanwhile such twisting and turning the continual use of the neck’s free flexing muscles turning status my neck has from time to time developed a few aches’n’ pains. My neck is experiencing a few of those discomforts right now with a few grizzly noises thrown in for extra measure.
This was most of yesterday’s day.

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