Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tea Day

Yup! Tea day it is. Although it isn’t near as hot as it has been, it was muggy as Hell though. I moved and fully serviced 2150 Ollie. With Shane’s help we put the plows on the 2150 and made it ready to go and roll, roll earth that is. I managed to move Ugly away from here and it now sits center stage in the shop for instant attention when it starts raining. Lunch long gone, finished down the road and was ready to roll hauling the last hay fields hays home.

Getting it done in.
Dumpy on the right pushing Ugly on the left right into the shop. Let it rain, let it rain! I’ve got me an inside job.

Dumpy truck earning it’s keep.
And doing a grand job at it. Telling it like it is, last fall some wisenheimers made some almost lewd and obscene remarks about my dumpy truck‘s appearance. I believe it was implied it was merely a piece of junk. In away they may have been right. Taking stock the moneys I paid for it, the parts I put in it, it still came up a bargain. Such a bargain I’m not out a dime! It goes something like this. I bought the truck merely for its dumping parts. The running gear is sound enough. The body can be saved if I work at it with some home made panels over the winter and it’ll easily last another decade. That’ll be all the time I’ll need its use.
Having to weight the truck for licensing it tipped the scales somewhere around 6600 pounds. Scrap tin is paying $220.00/ton. What’s more for what I paid for Dumpy and the brake repair parts. I’m still money ahead.
Dumpy’s come up a sweeter smelling deal than all the wildflowers blooming all over these hundreds Shorthorn country acres combined. I ain’t laughing! But, I am smiling widely.

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