Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cushy job

I been fighting the Cushman all morning and disgustingly enjoying myself. Even having to fix a fan flywheel bolt hole then worrying if I were going to strip all the bolt holes before I had the stubborn thing taken off? Well, I got the flywheel off and found nothing wrong with the front crank seal. No leak, nada!
Taking up to studying the sit-she-a-nation one side of the engine was covered with more oil than the other. My next inkling-nation one or two valve pushrod tubs ‘O’ring seals were leaking. Stripping away more and more of the necessary clutter bolted to the engine block for engine air cooling, a starter for rolling over engine for easy starts. A whole lot of necessary stuff out of the way the leak was easily found where gathered to it was a whole bunch of wild plant fibbers gathered about for the engine’s oozing sticky stuff. Gosh, I do enjoy discussing my adventures in exacting technical terms.
Taken myself to lunch I continued right on beyond the house. I was on my way to our rural auto parts store. Along the way I spied a lovely bunch of yellow tiger lilies aside the road. Lovely! At parts shop I (we) managed to find the required ‘o’rings I needed for my Cushman repairs.
On return drive, what the heck, I stopped to inquire if I might talk these folks out of some those yellow lilies flower bulbs this fall. There answer, “Sure enough.” Yup like comedian Danny Kaye had taught me, one never knows what the answer may be if the question were never asked.
(Damn, nobody warned me about marriage proposals.)
Along about 3:))PM ,y mind hit my personal wall. Since then it had been a concerted bite of mind over matter. It was a good thing the Cushman had continued to hang around in the shop, (I’ve got it hoisted off the floor om a chain fall. It can‘t get away.) I continue carrying on just as if I knew what I was doing. Biggest nuisance was taking a few steps someplace and havin’ forgot why I had gone there. But I persevered going onto something else until my forgotten thought had returned. In-spite the setbacks I finished all but installing the engine’s left hand exhaust pipe for it has a hole in it. I want to weld it. Something I may do better when I am morning fresher to the day.
Oh, what I had finally found wrong with the Cushman were two items. One of them operator error in failing to keep the engines hardware cloth covered intake air ways clear of weeds and grasses consequently causing the abused engine to over heat. I suggested two problems, the other was in the engine’s original assembly last August when the assembler had used a wrong (or inadequate sized ‘O’ring it had only been a matter of time before it leaked. Of course the engine overheating didn’t help matters overheating the motor thinning the motor oil. Well, I’ll soon see if I’ve taken care of the oil leak. The Cushman will be running again tomorrow.
Then it’ll be Ugly’s turn I the shop. Rat now I’m imagining Ugly’s engine has some broken valve springs. They shouldn’t take long to fix if they should be the cause Ugly‘s troubles.
Back to Shorthorn country:
A snap of yonder lower end hay yard. These dry bales have all been rolled into 6’ diameter high by 5” thick plus 5’5’ round by 4’ through. When they have completely dried they’ll dry down from about 1900 pounds average field weight down to about 1600 > 1500 pounds stored winter weights. Rolling them bigger there be less weathered damage, good eating hay loses. Nice and round tying the bales as tight as may be possible help make them a solider mass They become their own thatched roofs shedding the elements our loosing maybe up to 2” hay on the rounded outside’s the bales.
Backing up the ¼ ton truck:
I have one concern not knowing what’s going on with Cushman fix. I’ve one odd bolt left over and two others missing? It could be a sleepless high heat and humid night. I never worry about things. How’d I loose two bolts?

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