Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Got Too

That’s all so right, I’ve got two whole motor vehicles drivable at my personal disposal. Dumpy truck four days ago. Today I drove the Cushman home. I must add along with that troublesome oil leak I have taken care of, managed even, to fix Cushman’s brakes to the point they‘ll lock up on a panics stop‘s command. Was a mater of digging out and blowing out accumulated dust dirt within the confines the Yamahoppy cart’s reused original braking system. Then the mechanics was generously bathed in ATF oils to penetrate and lubricate the brake linkages adapted to fit the Cushman’s now even better working brake needs. It’s a better day with two sets of rolling wheels at my disposal. Whoopdee-doo!
Mac’n’cheese for lunch, then it was hitching a ride back to shop. Got plenty stuff to pick up, pack up, move, and set aside I know there is a farm shop behind a lot of dropped rubble in front of all the shop doors. AND, fair coming up the wash rake will want to be used for washing and trimming 4h club steer projects. ….. I guess…..
To get down the road I called on Terry. Taking him with me I had him drop me off and had him drive my Cushman home.
I spent my afternoon over heated muscling away a assortment of heavy iron (a piece at a time) from about the shop doors. A good share of the iron loaded and stowed upon a pallet over the hill, the first trip was enough for me. The next load, tomorrow perhaps will be hauled out thrown into some assorted scrap bins. Like I’ve written When I had unloaded the first load making four stops I called it shortly after 5:30 PM. I was happy with my Cushman success and taking care of some salvaged future implement parts.
Finally making it home with the Cushman silently parked out here. Looking it over there were no old or new oil leaks. Whew. Satisfied I downed my rattlers and put the buggy away. I think I had done enough to call it a productive day and find myself entitled to some R&R.
So much for the peaceful safe sanctity of country living. It seems an individual doing no one besides himself harm was found dead a half mile west of us. A neighbor woman seeing some individuals wrestling a limp body out of a roadside parked automobile immediately called 911. Police from two TWP’s, County Serif dept, and State Police converged upon the scene on our area from different directions.
Moments later as one officer had just stopped to examine a corpse another officer evidently (unknowingly) closing on several some nervous individuals these individuals jumped into a car and headed east. Another office making for the crime scene just happened to be in the hastily motoring individuals way. Boxed in, these questionable individuals abandoned their car and made for running cross-country under a very high electrical high line. One individual was caught (unable to exit car) and taken into custody. Other individuals of interest were chased down and also taken into custody. Now depending on results of an autopsy as to how the man had died, had he overdosed (visible tracks down both arms) or was he beaten to death (his body covered in multiple bruises). While delinquency troubles had followed some of these people from generation to generation no children were arrested.
A cotton sheet thrown over my recliner, my back has quit itching. Throwing a cotton sheet over my head I am afraid won’t do a thing for my itching and watering eyes, although there is hope perhaps improving my looks.

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