Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finished 1st hay cutting

At last I’ve made the last cut the 1st hay cutting. Will bale tomorrow and rake hay OR rake hay and bale. As usual some the downed hay will be ready for baling by non tomorrow. Some of the cut hay will need turning while some I may just as easily wait it out. The hay I had cut today will most likely be dry for baling day after tomorrow. Well, that’s the plan?
Back to beginnings. I took carburetor off Ugly and put it on Bro’s end table (his roll about work bench) first thing this morning. Loaded up projected needs (oils) on Cushman and returned home. Lucky me the last poor thoughtless soul brought it back without refueling it along te way. Is this written I must get extra special exercise hoisting five gallon gas cans to keep my boyish figure? Any way the Cushman back in the barn was off with the Ford tractor with IH rake in two. On site arrival I went to finish the hay cuts. Almost finished the hay cut the Schultz Oliver’s hydraulic overheated had failed me again. I wanted to go home for lunch these machines my current mood of transportation. It was not to be so. Here then I opted to bale hay until Schultzy had cooled down. So after about four/five bales rolled lackst in my watching eye I plugged the baler. So I shut it off to conserve fuel. I unstuffy the baler, go to start the Tall Oliver and the battery goes dead. Nuts! Trying the Schultzy tractor’s hydraulics I can get the mower off the ground. Not as high as I’d have, but I wanted to get something done today. I was on the road again, gingerly, but on the road returning a machine we no longer needed a-field. And, better yet, I was headed or lunch.
Upon returning to the hay fields I drove the Cushman. It is a great battery jumper machine. Only two cylinders it’s a lot easier on gasoline than a full sized anything else.
The Tall Oliver and I finished the last bale this first field at 7:30 PM. I was not about to start another field. Besides the Cushman’s headlights are more easily seen than to see by. I’ve got to something about them blinder’s one these days. Home and inside my happy house it’s 8:15 PM. I’ve opened a root-beer and taken my seat to mellow out. It took awhile. Thankfully Not as long as the day I had put in.
Late news, Ugly’s carburetor has been loosened up. Soon’s I know how to un-stick the throttle plates again, I’ll have it figured it out while the carb is still off Ugly’s engine, with no need to remove the carb again.
It has been one fresh aired hay fevered day. I’m pooped.
Fernan zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Paula said...

Seems everyone in blogs are baling hay these days except us.