Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Disgusted with Ugly’s performance I run only long enough to move it out of the way. Meanwhile where Ugly’s concerned I could have used that 267 CI V8 Chevy engine in that truck the twp insisted I get rid of. No more, never again. Jerks! That was last night.
Limited use the Cushman and I checked and repaired deer damaged fence around what I call the third pasture. Havin’ come back to the barn yard giving out with yell, the ladies acted as the wanted me to bodily carry each one out to the grazing. That’ll be the day…..
Disgusted with rising heat that’ll be pressing upon my fluids and noodled brain before the day’s done. The Dumpy truck repairs had not moved smoothly. That was about to change with a well rested body and fresh mind’s approach to the repair problems. Most important and intriguing approach I went after some of the left side’s brake line replacement from the top. Taking off the radiator fan blade and lifting out the fan shroud, walla, there was the problematic proportioning valve in full view. Getting at it being able to see it worked out much better. The old line unscrewed the proportioning valve the other end chiseled off I’d made progress. The new caliper bolted in, new rubber hose bolted in, and new steel brake line nearly bent correctly (I hope); it was time for lunch. A little refreshing lunchtime rest the last part was supposed to go smoothly.
Had a can chicken noodle soup for lunch. I plan meat balls for supper. Well, I guess, I had better re-get with it. Going to have to retire Ugly’s use for a spell putting Dumpy truck on as the prime-line vehicle. The last 20” brake line replacement for the original 14” line was fun. I surprised myself making some interesting bends to stuff an over length steel line in a limited space. Better yet when I had finished wrenching nothing leaked.
My having been in, under, and on top the cab not looking to bad for solid. I’m thinking making a couple body rocker and door panels. A little fixing the Dumpy truck could last us quite awhile hauling around the farm.
A lunch devoured the afternoon went well enough in-spite of the heat. The Dumpy truck has brakes. Whooppeee!!! Gosh, I think it took more the afternoon to clean and put away tools. I’m surprised I finished what I did without any leftover parts to contend with. Dumpy’s still parked in the shop. I want to at least band-aid the exhaust system. AND, I’ve got to do the beast’s paperwork to make it road legal.
I suppose I could have looked at the mufflers today; but, then having seen a lot of blackened holes, the truck still extraordinarily quiet I’ll take them on myself sleep freshened and well rested come morning. My thoughts include bolstering the works before one of them embarrassingly falls off in traffic.
One more thing I’ve got to do tomorrow is (rain-x) clean the windshield. The rear-view mirrors so much cleaner than the windshield I can see better from where I’ve been than I may see as to where I’m going.
Sort-a off my feed the last couple hot days, I’m feeling hungrier this evening. Come on Meatballs.
I stopped by the Loopy Acres Estate’s today having seen the estate Mistress busy out in her driveway. A water hose in hand she’d been cool hosing down Scooby the Loopy Acres mascot, guard dog, varmint control individual, and official company greeter. I know it’s been extremely hot the last three/four day and this loopy woman was hosing down/cooling off her entire tractor, even. I’m telling it like it is, living on this road a body may eventually see more of it-all, all the time, or at any time. (shaking my head side’t’side)

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