Saturday, July 9, 2011

7-8-2011 A day that was.

Frieda and I both slept well. Up only once apiece.
To continue hay all I supposedly had to do was pick up cutting the hay where I had left of evening last. Yeah, sure? The R-M-C refused to let its header be picked up. Getting into it the easiest and least expensive thing to try first was replace the male end of the machine’s hydraulic disconnect on the tractor remote. Not interested in a log cross country parts run I called a very local neighbor. Taking my part over no one believed my part had failed. Truthfully, I hadn’t either. For a replacement part he had a compatible fitting just slightly machine in a different configuration. Final analysis the new part, it’s inventive design was to let more oil pass through it. If figured that could be an additional help.
Back in my home neighborhood I slipped on down to the shop for “O”rings, charged air tanks and an air nozzle. Figure while I had male end off I’d disconnect the other ends and blow them out making sure they were clear. They were. So assembling my mess, starting the tractor I had success. I had a third inoperative hydraulic component to throw in a scrap bucket. I was mowing a couple hours later, but I was mowing. What a job. Do to heavy Spring rains the ground cove was ext thick, tall and heavy. Odd figured fields the Oliver transmission dropped two gears It took me awhile to cut three additionally small ill figure shaped fields. Having to drive diligently it was a slow going mind taxing afternoon on into evening. Then it happened. Nuts, I accidentally took out a beautiful blue spruce tree. Now, where’ll I find another tree to transplant into its place?
Still plenty daylight left when I had arrived home I quit it for the day regardless. My mind and some of my body had had it for this day.
I settled into supper and went bed even earlier than usual.

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Paula said...

Oh too bad about the blue spruce tree.