Sunday, July 14, 2013

7-13-2013 something different

Hey, evening last visiting with Her Mostess sitting beside her holding her hand I didn’t fall asleep, for a change. Had to tease her as they had moved her from one room to another. I had to ask her, “What’d you done to get put into soliotary?” I was a supposedly quieter room she could get better night’s sleep. Still nop word ast when she’ll be sprung. They had run her down and up ten floors travel for chest x-rays. Has been no word as to what they were either looking for or found?
I had a fair day yesterday. Baled again as usual. As always Bro’s inconsistent his mowing acreages. While we had wrapped up 21 bales yesterday, we could well stow away up to 60 bales today. For my part it’s looking like it’ll be an another inconsistent day afield.
A guidance piece of sheet metal breaking and falling out of the 1400 hay bind while having to remove it the machine worked well enough to do some work dropped one more gear. That piece I’ll drop into shop, collect me some or refill some oil bottles before polishing an all day tractor seat.
PS: The 2 day previous entry s missing. Arrgghhhh!

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Paula said...

So sorry you're wife is ill and hope she gets better soon and they find out what her problem is and can fix it. Then you can run from that frying pan again. (Just kidding)