Sunday, June 23, 2013

6-20-2013 1st day summer
To accomplishments for today I had baled the hay I’d cut day before yesterday. Later in the day I stubbornly, my having no sensible safe physical need to be up there, I fixed my roof replacing three full shingles, nailing the rest what were loose back down.
The roof’s fixing went easily enough, my roof repair problem had stealth-fully developed by the time I wanted to get back off the roof. While I had been setting upon my derriere’s left cheek I had become lame to the point as I had tried to move some cramps were fixing to seriously set in.
Nobody else particularly worried about me, only I wasn’t supposed to do it, I sat up there dwelling upon two thoughts. Sliding off the roof on the loosened granules under my feet and rear to land on the brush-hog parked immediately under the eave where I had been working. The other, nobody paying any attention to me I had thoughts of calling the fire department to get me of the roof. By the time I managed and gritted the pain, was down on the ground leaving the ladder stand the roof materials lay, I was whipped. It was time I had to quit and go horizontal to escape the pain!!!


Hugh Dinatale said...

Sorry you had to go through all that trouble to fix your roof, Fernan. But when it comes to a problematic roof, it is better to address it as soon as possible rather than wait and end up with a bigger problem than what it was originally. That said, I hope your repairs have held up against the rains you've been experiencing. Has the weather let up yet?
-Hugh @ Roof Xperts

Olene Philbrook said...

Really hate it when that happens. But I don’t think it has happened to me while I am on the roof or in a precarious position. It’s a good thing you were able to power through the pain and get down before something happened.


Charles Terry said...

I’ve been in that position myself while laying down some shingles. I guess I was kneeling for far too long that my leg started falling asleep on me. Good thing I didn’t try standing up abruptly, or I may have slid off the roof there and then.

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