Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sick, Sick, Sick of Rain

We’re practically drowning in the stuff. Our farming practices have been pushed back so far it might just as well be written we haven’t started haying. Making an attempt to try and work up another seed bed for our last field’s planting the other day the grass was so tall the no till procedure was an impossible attempt to work up the ground. Opted it instead to park the field equipment for haying tools and take the field’s 60% quack grass off as hay. Then decide if we’ve still time to grow a crop or let the field grow back grass back for a second cutting fall hay cut and baling.
Not all my time is lost; however, as I’m using the rained off farming time to restore my Dumpy truck. It is coming along quite nicely. Almost wish I had done a complete body off frame rebuild. As it stands now about 95% all the rusted out panels are cutout and near trimmed back. The last of the needed body panel metal bending is nearly done. Body welding and reassembly may only be a day or two off and we will be putting Dump’s body back together as near new as I (we) can do it under varied handicapping procedures.
Whether Dumpy will be readily painted is still an up in the air question? If and when I get it going it can still serve the farm in its calico clothes (red cab, blue doors, black rocker panels, a gray dog-house, and a native looking rusty cargo dump box. Additional plans include redoing the interior with a replacement seat re-upholstery, new dash covering and a molded rubber floor mat will all come about giving old Dumpy at least a brand new ten year lease of farm life (or as long as I may live?).
Pi$$ on Rainbows

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