Sunday, June 23, 2013

6-20-2013 Four Days past
Day one Sat. 6-15-13
Early at it trying to clean and pain a number of parts for Dumpy truck, I was Bro’ requested to look at a field-disc on Coldwater Road. Okay, I went. Between here and there there’s a county park. Evidently Bro’ decides to take a scenic drive through said park my imagining he knew the southern gate had been locked shut a couple years ago. Not was the case when we got to aid gate. There her pulled over and celled, I presumed the disc owner, as to if the seller was there or where was he at that moment. Then Bro’ suggested we just as well finish driving the loop around the park. By’n’by he stopped somewhat near a picnic pavilion and Bro' suggested I take a walk to see what my youngest son was up to. Walked half way to the pavilion I realized what was happening. I was being given (though a day early) to a combined Father’s Day and BirthDay party by family friends and neighbors. I was blown away. I must admit my guilt taking full advantage of the situation to exchange hugs with every other female there rat in front of Her Clink. (he,he,he)
Day two, Sun. 6-16-13
Picking up from where I had been interrupted yesterday my Dumpy truck parts cleaning and paintings. It was getting onto late afternoon when I had finished my day’s work my hands, arms, face and beard where icky sticky allover sprayed in red paint. Arriving home clouds come quickly moving over us. Thunderously bright flashes of lightening filled our skies. The TV and radio reported we were in the path of some serious storm fronts. The sky presenting an ominous appearance I had no time for a shower in a looming electrical storm. Moments later the front came blustering in laying some trees blown down in an easterly direction. We also lost our power. Myself covered in red paint there was little I could do but wait for my pained anatomy to take a bit longer to dry in these brand new humid conditions. Resigned to my wait for the power to come on for even water, let alone hot water. We were treated to a second dose of winds and rains, including ample amounts of hail enough to look like winter snow drifts. The winds changing this second round blew trees down in every direction this time including westerly, even north westerly. One of them, an oak so big we hadn’t yet figured how to safely put it down on the ground, the problem had been solved.
Still day two going into day three…
Somewhere after midnight I stepped outside for a God Forbidden smoke. With all the power off all over the TWP, most of the county, even all the cities; OMG, I had the gloriously clear skied opportunity to see a star filled sky. The stars still beautiful as the childhood I remembered seeing them. They were a well welcomed sight I hadn’t seen for all the man made light what had been drowning out that spectacular skeptical over my head. I relished it, I basked in it, I bathed in it. The night was absolutely beautiful, even standing leaning my rump again' ramp rail during the fore-presumed powerless night neighborly plagued with the insistent drone of generators. Hearing all the broken silence, the disgusting gas burning noisy running home generators around about my neighborhood. Oh, by the way, our own generator had failed to properly run. Marvelous, just, simply marvelous.
Day three, Monday 6-17-2013
Spent powerless day hand wrenching what I could, without having to drill holes, or use power saws. Finished the day having installed some modified parking brake cables into Dumpy truck rear brake backing plates and having made the disc-harrow ready for field work. A long slow boring day what was just as tiring as a hard worked one?
Day four, Tuesday, 6-17-2013
Woke up again to mandatory tree trimming to keep all our ladies honest. With the power off Bro’ kept changing his mind as what some of us were supposed to do. When I had had enough of his indecision I gathered up Herr Clink to ride shotgun and I (we) went shopping. I could get that done, red faced and red handed. Spent an insanely amount of money at Wally World only to find out the hockey pucks they internet listed (I understood) to be in their stores were unavailable seasonal items. Just who invented the so called "seasonal item?" This isn’t the first time I’ve run up against this dumb a$$ed stupid narrow minded merchandizing snafu before, especially parts for farm machinery, and then these retailers wonder why some folks either don’t come back or spend less if the their sorry establishments.
Previously informed we’d be without power for four days we had power by the time we returned home. Oh how gloriously happy I was to indulge in a salad dressing facial. All over my head, my full beard my arms up past my elbows while I was likely setting the odd good grooming exercise I figured I had ought to at least taste good at the same time. The hot water shower did wonders washing away my disgust with this shopping expedition. Feeling clean and hungry I ate heartily for what parts of some meals what had been postponed Monday.
Day five, Wednesday, 6-18-2013
Begging my readers an extra indulgence day five it felt more like a continuation of day four. I don’t remember the beginning; however, I was mowing hay before noon. A good start I turned my attention to making fix the stubborn generator of the other night. Then hit head long into Bro’s in-decisions once more I opted out of the shop to make another shopping run, in another direction from home this time. I had heard a rumor there were to be had some shoes in my size (16) at some reasonable prices. Not only that, but there was an honest to goodness sporting goods store in this second general direction. By the time I had gotten home I had purchased 2pr shoes for $16.00, 8 hockey pucks, and some wanted lock-nuts un-found in closer parts. The days were getting better. I needed these shoes to fix my storm hackled roof.

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