Sunday, June 23, 2013

6-21-2013 1st full day summer

Mr. Pessimistic declaring, “It might rain!” that was alright with me. I settled in to working upon Dumpy. ‘Sides I needed the rest after my yesterday’s roof fixing adventure. Tom joined me early and did some chassis and body welding for me. I fought the radiator installation and won. And, eventually I installed the inner fender wells. Dumpy’s starting to look better to me while we’ve got a long way to go. Tomorrow I expect to redesign my fan radiator cooing shroud, maybe, in two pieces. I need to complete the rear brake lines, brake hub installations, and put the new rear tires on Dumpy. My short term immediate goal is to finish and tidy up all the immediate little projects started from Dump’s stem to stern before taking on the cab floor exterior panel replacements.

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