Saturday, September 17, 2011

9-16-2011 What….

….a day late with this entry. Par for the course I was late getting in, pushing sundown.
Oh lawdy, it was a busy day involving tractors, grinding grain, feeding yearling heifers, and caught up in another load Bro’s good deal garbage. Then getting rid of a pile of venier made produce shipping crates. Not to bad a deal I’d guess, from another point of view. I near got a bushel basket full of day old bread for the freezer. And, inside that bushel basket I packed it with all manner of commercially baked delights. More about them later, right now I want to relate one fine likely in less than a worthy sentence. (grin) I brought home one package of odd, funny looken to me, hotdog buns what looked like they’d been run over flattened under studded tires outlawed under Michigan’s motoring codes. I might as well admit it I did come across one loaf bread that might have been the closest to beneficial to our health’s, oatnut bread. Oatnut bread!? As badly as I like and require oatmeal bread (products) to scrub and clean my arteries; as well as the old lady’s; this baked item is filled with toothless gun cutten’r’carven, bruisen, blood drawen, blister raisen, nuts no good to a couple old folks toothless gum‘s. Haven to pass it up some lucky neighborhood Shorthorn country resident lady’ll get her arteries scrubbed today.
I think I’ve been hit by a archeology antic picker. I was offered $75.00 for an old old-bandsaw what Sneak had brought along with him from one of my parents homesteads. I took the money for a useless tool we had no use for that’d only taken up more space. After some discussion between my son and myself we immediately put these recently acquired moneys into a new sofa fund. Bottom line, I wish I could get rid of some more useless items around the farm. Bye! (smile)

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