Thursday, September 15, 2011

A quarter gone….

……the month Septober and Sneak’s belongings. Sneak’s trip as a back-roads slow one his driving a half-fast 45mph Dumpy truck. Round trip the truck drank up about $160.00 gasoline, the Pig!
On arrival his last home he found his brother’s mother-in-law and nephew had been first to get into his belongings. His sister-in-law and her sister had gotten into his clothes. His asking them why? Their first response was they needed the money. They’re a bunch of un-official kleptomaniacs. They’ve been sooooo luckily uncaught and prosecuted by the law thus far. Fillip (Sneak*) has said for sometime he wanted out of that environment. I guess he‘d had enough of their stories as to how mean his mother and I are.
It’s rather bad and deeply sad when the family no longer likes to see that thieving mob coming. None of the can be trusted getting lost in the weirdest places of a visited house looking for the bathroom Those girls have been into our jewel boxes and drawers looking and taking whatever and nerved enough to wear their swag to the next family function.
Now I’m wondering how long its going to take Sneak to unload Dumpy. Bro’s already told us both he’s getting us more carrots. (grrooowwwwnnnnn!!!!!!)
The dew so heavy we had standing puddles here’n’there this AM. A right turn out the drive we exchanged tractors and implements we left standing idol in front the shop day’4’yesterday. Dumpy’s brakes giving Sneak trouble coming home we got into it this morning. Not wanting to drive it with fading brakes we might have found the problem. If this problem should persist, I may just have gotten a faulty brake caliper. This fad bit happens again I could be taking it back.
Dumpy truck finalieee out of the way I was going to bale hay. Found first tractor needed fuel. Okay While I started to bale, Sneak ran after two cans diesel fuel for me. Before he got back I fouled up making the first bale and had to dump it undone. When Sneak returned he dumped the fuel into the Ollie. That taken care of, Sneak graciously took my bad bail apart so I could properly bale the mess later. Sheesh! It sure was a long day managing to get some of it (woik) done. Well almost done? It had been better if we had hauled in the hay and wrapped it.
Gosh, tomorrow’s going to be another busy day. Finishing up today’s haying. Been notified I have to grind. Lastly need to cut more hay out back for more haulage bales.
*When Fillip was two/three years old, it was his mother’s (Frieda) custom to either make raised or deep fried donuts, some sugared, some glazed, Sunday mornings. He’d walk around the house in front of all of us with a donut in each hand with a bite taken out of one. We’d find some of those donuts later were he had stashed them for later consumption when the platter had been eaten dry so he’d still have some more after they were presumably all gone. And when an old dried out donut hokey puck had been found it had one bite taken out of so nobody else would want it; thus, Fillip was nicknamed Sneaky Pete later shortened to Sneak.
Nobody calls him that, with the exception of me my memory remembering those once hidden donuts having been squirreled away.
Lawd, give me strength.
*Forgot what I wanted to say.....

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