Friday, September 2, 2011

One underway

No, No boating although I do think about those days from time to time from fond memory.
What I did do was let Sneak take the 4020 JD load of hat down the road for the little girls. I took the 2150 Ollie stopping along the way to handle the little ladies gate. From there on we continued on to the harvested Sudex field. There we put the 2150 back together with a six-eighteen JD off land plow.
Expecting an all day rain took Sneak along I hit the road. Not backup! Confident in my ability I drove more or less to show him a couple more ways about on our roads. I did my banking thing, then we moved onto Wally World for me a pair work shoes and Sneak chore boots. He wound up gleaming a pair of each while I came away with nothing (zip). Then in spite of the fact I was wearing a WW sized 15’s the store associates tell me WW does carry this size. At this point I’m mulling over in my mind did I not have choice between three work boot styles in the sized fifteens. Knowing the store has gone of kilter we leave for no more sense of hanging round where my money was obviously not good enough.
Heading back to our Shorthorn country borders I stop us along the way to inquire upon the prices and availability’s of crushed concretes for the expressed idea of bolstering some driveways subsurface‘s. First stop for crushed concrete sold for $15/yd and only if we could connect and meet at an opportune time, He suggested this might be a bit difficult in an applicable way for both of us. What he did do was give me lead on the same product availability closer to home. So, on the road again we stopped by another farmer’s enterprise. Here we talked to an old acquaintance from whom I had purchased a freezer hog from some years ago. So delighted he was selling me that pig he’d also gotten out of raising anymore swine that year or subsequent seasons. The par laboring all done I come away from there with the owners cell phone number and $10/yd price for either crushed concrete or black top paving plus a place to get rid of broken concrete. ;d had a good morning.
After lunch Sneak and I taken both the Cushman and dumpy truck down the road the Cushman was used o transport wood cutting equipment. Upon the Dumpy truck we loaded scrap metals for clearing away to the moval of an old potato digger for beyond that I was after a sickle bar mower. We’ve go a yard and pasture infested with gimps-on weed. The bosses idea is cut the stuff while it is still in blossom and compost it. So this is also tomorrow’s project.

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