Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Both Patients & Patience……

….we were both yesterday. The preceding day Fillip with me, Fillip’s medical insurance card had been denied acceptance and turned away by an ill equipped female in Doc’s office staff. I was either teed off, ticked off, or all the above.
Backing our butt’s up, yesterday we had wakened to a wet morning’s rain. It had come down most the night and there seemed to be no let up in its intensity. All three of us in this household were already contemplating our each one diving into the pain killing medicine bottle of our individual choices. It was as I had personally practiced a good day to see the doc.
Of course as practiced, myself prone to slow starts on otherwise inclement day’s I goofed off the morning hours. These hours what may be called a well earned few misplaced hours for an owed displaced Sunday’s day of rest. Cows know nothing of a day off. They must be looked after as if they were children. They’ve got to be fed, rules of proper conduct in their case enforced (feces checked), and their health’s looked after. Often times these duties include planting or making hay when the sun shines. Regardless the original reasons for visiting the Doc’s office it was Frieda’s reasoning as long as Fillip was (had) moved into our neighborhood, Fillip ought to be seen by our family Doctor when he was in reasonably good health.
Following disappointment, Fillip and I went to the shop wherein out of the rain we sorted through his junk (I’ve got to be honest) for his tools and other useful belongings. During this time stepping out of the shop for a moment I had called Doc’s office and spoke the business woman in his life, his wife. We negotiated a another appointment. Myself feeling somewhat short of this day’s healthy best this sorting was cut short. I had to come home.
Tuesday both of us with appointments went to Doc’s office. I trust Doc. His taking care of Frieda and I has been exemplanary. His wife, bless her heart, knows how to get things done including knowing how to wade through difficult paperwork. Under her supervision the receptionist finally managed to get through Fillip’s paper work in a correct and fruitful manner. Fillip’s got himself a good Doctor.
Starting early we got the decrepit old mowing machine back together again and hopefully fixed to last a couple hours. We’ve also gotten a salt feeder’s rotten rubber salt pan removed and a better plastic installed in it’s place for the next bull’s perusal. We’ll see how long this framed bucket lasts? Then we were asked to fundamentally put some trailer body panels together on the livestock trailer. Seems it’s going north this weekend to a Shorthorn livestock sale.
So this has been our day.

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Donna said...

Fern, stay tuned. Cliff put decals on Ollie 1855 today. She's looking good, and hopefully tomorrow I can get a good picture.