Saturday, September 10, 2011

I goofed ’n’ produced…..
….all in one day, I only goofed off the entire morning. Of course waking after 9:00 AM helped me my late day’s start. Lazy as artic ice I laid back in my favorite recliner and watched a TV flick McKlintock. It wasn’t until after lunch did I abandon my lazy-I-tis.
Spent the entire afternoon fighting that cussed mower having to remove the new parts time and again for trimming and resizing for them to do as they were supposed to for me and the machine. I even had to make one more new part for a shim. It was late afternoon by the time we had gotten to replacing the rock guards, guides and clips over the cutter bar. Them we picked up our tools. I still have to make one more piece, a board for the outer end. Will go over all the nuts and bolts again tomorrow, move it out of the shop, grease’n’oil it, and see if it works.
Have got to get the 4010 JD going once more for use on the mowing machine. I’ll also used it to move a hay rake down to the shop as well for use on the little Ford.
On a more positive side Sneak filled four more tubs with un-packaged carrots, to temp my ladies outback before some sugar seeking yellow jackets forced him off that miserable job. Worked out alright as I needed Sneak’s help at just about that moment.
An hour and a half late for my rattlers, Sneak made up some barbecued pork for supper. The kitchen smells had gotten me good and hungry.
While I waited out my hour I watered some caught up calves what have been sold for 4H projects up around Cadillac. Cadillac is about half way between us and the straights. Those calves’ll be getting a nice ride tomorrow. I can hope they enjoy the scenery.

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