Friday, September 9, 2011

A night’s difference.

Last night we had our first wood stove fire of the season. Between the weather’s cooling off and the humidity heavy enough needing a truck to carry it the house was uncomfortable chilly.
Waking up to this morning’s darkness the house had remained comfortably warm. Opening the door it had warmed up outside as well. We’ve had a great weather wise day.
Some of the ladies expressing some desires for change, Sneak and I hit the trail on the Cushman. Found one cow out. Same one as was out three/four days ago. We coaxed her back in, found a calf out the other side the pasture I was about to let my ladies have. Tried getting her in. Born with a double dose stupid, wires slacked, wires down, wires juice turned off, she refused to come back in. But she was in good voice calling and clamoring for mama. We also spied a late coming up for water a new mom with a couple day old new calf. Having changed pasture guide lines (hot wires) we had to undo the same wires and persuade this lady and her off spring to hurry it up a bit so’s we could get on with our other chores.
Gathering numbers: The same cow repeatedly sneaking out, the new mom’s ID, and the wayward calf we can’t get back in her ID so we could have her mom’s help to bring the calf back in where it belongs.
The thoughts of having to catch up this whole mob and sort out the wayward baby heifer’s mother I saw us needing bodies. That is any number more than the two of us. We moseyed out. Unable to get a-hold of Shane for days we drove to his house to kick his arse out of bed if necessary. I wanted his help. We got him. Once we had gotten back the three of us Frieda surrounding the heifer on three sides and worried her back in where she belonged. Whew! Sure saved a lot of pushing and shoving to sort out out and halter one could be stubborn mother. A few moments later we had those what were still out sort-a a-headed back out the lane they had come up on. Then I turned the rest of them back out on that same lane. I sure got hollered at by some. Some of them of the mind their lot hadn’t seen one iota improvement the eating arrangements. All I heard was a lot of grumbling as the walk by me and beyond. They didn’t shut up until the had reach the new grass and had their mouths to full to complain anymore. Thankfully all was as quiet as I liked it.
After lunch I got to fix a woodchuck rodent bared buried power line. I threw one of them stinking commercial urinal mothballed hockey puck’s down the hole. This project will be done when I’ve found some fill, a bucket the metal chips, and some rocks. Rat now other things demand some my time.
Moving on, I moved on down the hill to work upon the mowing machine. We needed it last week. Sneak drove out into Bro’s west pasture, to sort’n’un-package day old food stuffs, leaving me in the shop to work alone. By’n’by Shane joined Sneak, so Sneak had company.
So, I had a fair afternoon making all the replacement parts for the New Idea mower until about quarter of 5:00 PM when I found the first part required in the reassembly wasn’t exactly correct. Quitting time. Was decided I’d play with it come morning. Meanwhile, Sneak and I went over to the Crossroads. Picked up some longer bolts and marking paint at the drugstore. Also marketed for some eggs, chocolate ice-cream, and other goodies.
It was well after sundown our finishing feeding out sweet red peppers, carrots and baked goods. Felt good to finally bring it back in the house. The day’s warmth so solidly warming the house we’ve no need for a fire tonight. Everything is copasetic! It has been a good day….

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