Sunday, September 11, 2011

God Bless….

….us all everyone! This afternoon I gathered together what immediate family I could round up and took them out for an afternoon benefit spaghetti dinner for Mad Madeline’s family. While we were there I was given the opportunity to meet this delightful blue eyed freckle faced little darling.
I had explained to her how good folks from Australia to Great Briton, the states from Texas to Maine, the states from Washington/Oregon to Georgia/Florida, and every where in between had been pulling for her. She was astounded so many people had been in her corner pulling for her she shared a most precious hug with me for all of us. I must admit this act brought a tear to my eye and a crack in my voice. I had told her for all of us, “We all wish you, Madeline, a long and healthy life, and most importantly be happy.”
I have got to tell you I’ve had one Hell of a wonderful afternoon. I am glad I had gone. Then able to share this news with you all.
Right turn out the driveway it was off to shop we did go. The mower about ready to go there wasn’t much left to do. Grease it and try it. Trying it it thru off the pitman arm assembly. Nuts. Very thing so badly rusted and corrosion weathered away I figured I had to shave the pitman arm some light fractions of wood to skinny it up to make a tighter fit. Okay! I’m used to taking it a part and shaving this’d’that already to many times this project. What’s a few more times?
Well, as it worked out, aty just about that moment I was about to make monumental mistake, Bro’ pulled up with a most precious gift for me, the official New Idea Mowing Machine Manual. Time out!
It was about here in the mornings hours spent on getting this machine out of the shop to do what it had been intended to do, I took to reading that manual. Operating instructions (splendid), parts lists (lovely pics & descriptions), and assembly instructions (best of all). I knew in an instant after reading the same phrases over and over again until I had it fully understood the way the pitman hardware worked. Sheesh! It was inventory time, finding we were lacking a very important wrench, a ½” allen wrench. I was on the phone to one loco rural situated part supplier, independently wealthy, wasn’t open. A 2nd call an automotive parts supplier in the closest burb didn’t have one, but suggested Sears, Sears 35 mile away. 3rd call local Crossroads hardware store had it and at a price I was more than delighted to pay.
Putting that allen wrench through its paces I’d never gotten that pitman arm installation done in a precise and/or correct manner with out book and wrench. The Owners Manual was a God send at the very moment it was needed most. Like I’m leaning, the New Idea mower’s going strong. Giving it a short trial run it worked rather nicely for no better condition that it is in. The last things we managed doing before the belated lunch out Sneak and I had gathered the required tractors and implements on site where they’re needed tomorrow or next couple days.
Three family representations here loading up four 4H project steers. Pretty kids all three of them. One boy tall and lanky liking I was way back when. One girl so durn thin turned sideways she’d missed a Summer breeze. A second girl 41yrs age so matured with more curves in her figure than a mountain road full of switchbacks. Lawd, they’s growing them babies up, up and up, faster than sumpin else these days.
It’s late evening. Been a busy early evening getting here. Have missed all the twin towers memorial broadcasts today. Getting home still had chores to do. Frieda needed extra attention, I’ve got a sore shoulder and neck I’m aching to put some heat on. Sun’s gone down. I expect it’ll be bedtime any moment now. I know, I’m ready.

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