Thursday, September 1, 2011

Been busy

We’re okay, Her Mostess’s health is on an even keel with home attending nurse and physical therapist visits taking her vitals, keeping records, making suggestions to coop and improve her wellbeing. Me, I’ve been either preparing seed beds or making fix on a couple uncooperative tractors.
Today’s Shorthorn country ill see us spreading fertilizer events, broadcasting and setting seed. Once the field’s been planted and cultipacked one or all of us will pickup hazardly loose rocks potentially dangerous to the hay mowing machine.
Sneak has acquired the free use of a van to drive us into city health appointments. One those appointments is coming up next week.
Postal box update:
While I was denied the opportunity to re-fix that knocked off mail box Sunday last, the dumb assed owner has taken it upon his-self to put up a whole new another assembly . This time rather than putting the mail box on top the same post planeted to close to the road, this wise-acher has reset a whole new post with an projecting arm off that post putting the mail box door vertically even with the edge of the roadway’s narrow pavement. I can see three future possibilities for this dumb ass’s single mindedness: somebody getting hurt accidentally hitting it, stuck squarely out over the road’s should for a teen’s motored ball bat target, and in a direct line placement for our winter snowplows gonna get it way. Viva the stupid ass putting up such an inappropriate road side target, the Jerk!
The satellite hay field is planted and we’ve all the equipment is in the home Shorthorn country neighborhood. Come on rain!
One of Frieda’s medications has been changed. Those PT’s and Traveling Nurse vital reports getting back to Doc seems her heart has been over medicated. New script waiting pick up. So, we had to backtrack some our day’s travels to get it. I ain’t yet figured out her female mind, unable to call me earlier to save me a trip my picking it up on the way home. Anyway I wound up the bad guy.
This gore along in like manner Bro’s organizing this morning’s hay planting start. By the time he’d gotten the fertilizer, the seed and us on site it was lunch time. That was the first time today I was the bad guy for wanting dinner. Now, get this, he invites us to get in his truck so’s he can take us to lunch. Yeah right! He took us home and then wanted us to hurry, the Asshole! I been sick the rest of the day even eventually feeling over heated, sick to the stomach, painful left shoulder. I found some shade laid down and took a nap while Sneak cultipacked in the seed. Waking up later I still didn’t feel whole lot better.
By time got home, got in, got something to eat it was only a half hour until sundown. Been a Hell Day.

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