Friday, September 9, 2011

9-8-2011 rainy day fun

First off had to take Frieda to her cardiologist. I liked this doctor. He talked , asked questions, answered question, checked her paper work, went over every medication she was already on. She’d had an EKG, and before we had left she was fitted with a three week heart monitor. After three weeks pass she’s to prepaid drop it in the mail. And, we’ve already had our first noisy crisis Friday morning.
Sneak going to borrow his Uncle’s (Bro’) van to drive us, Bro’ decided to go along and we’d all make a day of it as there were some many more stops for all concerned in the same are common to all our needs.
As usual, as for any day out with Her Mostess I had to buy her lunch. I bought for everybody. It was nice eating out watching/looking at other people. Sure beat looking at the rear ends of bovine ladies walking away.
After lunch we found one of them payless shoe stores. I needed a new pair of work boots for another glorious up coming Michigan Shorthorn country winter. We also found a new pair of loafer for Her Mostess. Now she’s also a happy camper.
Upon returning home our whole day rain weathered beginning to end it was late enough to call it quits. It was surely to late for my brain functioning enough to work on the antique mowing machine. It was also to drippy rainy wetted enough I didn’t feel like wading through Bro’s precious garbage for converting hundred of emptied wrappers into bovine feed. Besides all that I was mentally exhausted. I’d had enough day I was ready to relax and write this. The writing didn’t happen as this is a day late.

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Paula said...

Glad you all had some time out together. Good for Frieda I would think.