Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ever have……

… of those days not everything quit gores right? Enough dew covering everything it might have rained hadn’t I known better. Straight out of the barn with a sorry running Cushman I road the fence that ‘d mark the ladies boundaries. Wires checked I changed the ladies pasture. Only way to shut them up is by putting food in their mouths. Their hungries taken care of the grasses to wet to mow, I turned my attentions towards the Ollie fixing I‘ll need for tomorrow’s baling.
Then there was the Cushman running doggedly my round checking the fences. Waiting for some dew to dry off there was more than time enough to look into the accelerator’s problems. It was another of them damnedifiknow what was wrong with it. So I just plainly started taking, the going to last forever, what could ever go wrong it, the acceleration cable’n’housing out and apart. It was easier removing it than taking it apart. Well, nothing lasts forever. Looking the steel brake line I had used to hold the heavy duty cable with-in-it I saw and/or felt a couple kinks in the pipe I had used for the completed cable housing. So I attempted to straighten out some of the bends. Not all mind you. Just those what were obviously of no need for when I should save it and put it all back together again? On the end of a hardwood block, the housing I laid over it a number of times, striking that housing a couple times in just the right places, I removed all the kinks and two sharp a couple bends. The cable reinstalled working as freely as the day I had originally made it to, 11 yrs ago, I was turning into a happy mech-an-neck. I started reassembly. I was doing alright until a very small “U” nolt had slipped out of my clumsy fingers ending my mechanical prowess of a while anyway. Nuts! I gave Shane a call and he’d promised to see me in an hour. I did a quick cold lunch and mounted the Schultz Ollie and mowed a ten acre hay field down the road.
Upon my return I saw Shane hadn’t returned. Arriving home he hadn’t been to the house. Making a phone call Sneak was within a half hour or so returning home. I’d have wheels in a few moments to find me another new part for the one I had lost. Myself fretting unable to make fix the Cushman earlier in the day, once I had the replacement part, it seemed like only moments and the Cushman was back together again. Starting it, it’s accelerator freed up the machine was raring to go. Excepting for some fine tuning I think I’ve accomplished the best part of the carburetor’s linkage fixing. Feels like I’ve had a full day.


Paula said...

We had so much dew this morning, it was the most moisture we've seen in a while.

Donna said...

Fern, I posted a couple of pictures of the 1855 on Facebook. I'll tag you on them so they'll show up for you. Eventually I will do a blog entry with pictures.